trentino or südtirol part 1: bolzano

Someone has said that Italy is only a geographical expression. After my road trip in Trentino area, I wouldn’t be able to fight those words. Just two weeks after the visit in the South we have decided to discover the North-East of my new homeland.
The preparation for this trip was not very long, but intense. The main aim was to do some hiking and discover places that are quite far from the city hustle and bustle, yet not unknown to tourists. We were expecting a lot of traveleres and people walking around looking for a good shot, however, in the end it appeared that the places were quite empty, hiking paths seemed abandoned and we have managed to enjoy the pure nature. We didn’t complain of course! Maybe it was because of the weather or maybe we were just lucky that long weekend was only in Switzerland, but in any case – it was perfect!


Our long weekend started on Thursday morning. I have packed on Wednesday late evening as actually last weeks were pretty busy for me. I have been travelling, had a Friend over and was also celebrating my one year in Italy – I still don’t believe it has passed by so quickly! So there we are, my Friend is waiting for me in the car already and I am trying to have my last sip of hot espresso to wake myself up! I got in the car and… boom forgot my sunglasses so a quick sprint upstairs and got them! My morning grumpiness can magically disappear if I have a travel ahead, so I have got in the car again and started talking about anything. Well.. until first 5 minutes passed by and I have realized that I have forgotten ten million things at home like shampoo or packed only sport bra! Yeah, women problems… Where was my head, I have NO IDEA.


The first destination was Lago di Resia or Reschensee. There we go with the first and main difference for this particular area – everyone speaks German. I would even say they use it as their first language and then italian. Since both of us look more german than italian (for sure myself!) no one ever started with Ciao but Hallo! The problem is that despite speaking German pretty well, their dialect was just too much. I gave up. So I went to Trentino, where they speak two languages I should understand – and in reality I was lost.


The lake of almost 6km length is well know for the unusual bell tower outstanding from the lake. Many legends have been passed on by locals on the bells ringing from the bottom of the lake since the tower has been dammed while the dam was being constructed in the 50s. We have decided to make a walk around the lake.


The trip takes around 3 hours and is 15km long. The views are spectacular, however, probably with more sunny weather the color of water would have been more beautiful. From the perspective now I can recommend you renting a bike and making the trip on your two-wheeled vehicle. The place definitely to visit, but don’t plan to spend too much time there – treat it more as a stop on your way, just like we did.


Around 4 hours later, after nice coffee and lunch, we have been ready to reach Bolzano. I was checking the city before and tried to organize our evening, as I was pretty sure it will be super empty and not interesting. How wrong I was!!! The city is worth to stay over for a weekend. Filled with people of any age having a drink outside bars. The nightlife was fully on! It was just Thursday evening, to be honest I am not used to so many people in Como at such time.


For aperitivo we have chosen Hopfen & Co. It was quite random choice as all of the places we have checked on tripadvisor before were completely full and we couldn’t make a booking in advance as weren’t sure what time we will arrive.

Aperitivo was fine, cocktail was fine. For me, a person with not super sophisticated palate, everything tasted well, however, there was one big but the service. I usually try not to complain and I am very understanding, however, if the waitress asks you to look at the receipt and check if the transaction was done as she is not sure how to read it or is making faces of being annoyed and irritated – god knows why – I get a bit frustrated myself. The only thing I was expecting was at least being polite, but I think it was too much. Anyway, let’s hope she has had only worse day. For a drink head to Franz. Super cool and crowded place. I would recommend it for solo travelers, as I am sure you will meet loads of new people there!


Later on we have decided to go for a walk. I completely forgot to mention that our apartment, found on was right in the city center, in great price and I strongly recommend it for two people!

The room looks even better than on the photos and the owner is a really nice person.

The places in Bolzano that are the must see if you are there only for an evening:
Arcades – gives the medieval feeling to the city. You feel as if you moved back in time.
Via Joseph Streiter – filled with bars and historic buildings
Via Argentieri – with the Casa Troilo and very cute link to the Arcades
Piazza delle Erbe – with the Neptune Fountain and the food market (that turns into a huge bar at night)
Piazza Municipio and the Town Hall
and last but not least Cathedral and the Castle

Once you cover all those places you can head to… have some gelato!
We’ve tried Gelateria Eccetera as it was one of the only few still open at 11 p.m. It was a good choice though – cremino flavor… mmm… I wish I had some ice cream in my fridge now (or better not!).

It was time to bed, as Friday morning we had some trekking to do. Still in Bolzano.


As I was going through websites and doing research on the area, I have found a nice trekking path between three castles and a tower nearby. You will see the ruins of Castel d’Appiano, Castel Boymont and Castel Corba.


The walk is around 5 km and should take no longer than 2.5h. The only problem is that we didn’t learn from the mistakes from the past and we have got lost as we didn’t read the signs properly! In the end our trekking was almost 8km long and lasted over 3 hours. It was very steep (the original path should be pretty easy), pretty scary as there were no sights of live and we have even managed to trespass to somebody’s vineyard and met their two little, but feisty dogs!


The whole path you can find under this link:

After the walk – and a bit of pain in my legs! – we have started our trip towards Lago di Braies and Trento. About that Friday soon… and there is still Saturday to tell you about.


Considering all the differences that I have noticed between the north and the south or even Lombardy and Trentino, I agree that Italy is only a geographical expression and don’t even try to fight it and find one definition of this colorful variety. Every visitor admires how different and unlike is each city from another and how you can’t compare the places, people and language.
Each has its beauty but also perks, so you have to discover yourself which is your own part of this picturesque peninsula. 

one year later

The first year anniversary deserves some reflection. Maybe not too long one, as my mind is full of thoughts that even I struggle to keep up with them. However, there are few that I really want to share.
How many times, I have heard that we are changing every 7 years? Or close to this time? First few years we are close to the family, then we are being sculptured by our mates at first school, then we go through rebellious stage and deny everything what we have learnt, whereas with the next steps we are trying to figure out who we are, what we don’t want in our lives and what we really need.
But… someone has said that time is relative to where you are, what you do and who you are waiting for, so it seems that my 7 years recently are much shorter. Having moved out of home while being 18, then coming back for a short while and leaving to the UK at 23 and then starting the Italian dream at 26 has changed me a lot. First years were about finding what I want to do, then developing towards what I want to achieve and now.. it is just on how to find the balance. Balance between myself, friends, work. What I love, like and avoid.

Place I am now in is full of opportunities. I probably haven’t had it so easy with possibilities to travel, to discover and to explore on my own in my previous locations. Of course my Parents have been travelling with me a lot, however, let’s face it… child sees travels differently. Even if I have seen so many places with them, I want to come back there again. To understand it more. In the end it is all about the perspective, and now I guess I have it more clear. Or I want to believe I have matured and grew some taste since then. Italy is a beautiful place. I have written about the beginning of my la dolce vita few months back and I strongly believe that it has its charm. After a while, you also discover some faults, but no one and nothing is perfect, so it is a matter of adjusting yourself to what’s around and focus on things that make you happy, not annoyed or worried.
It is a great take off location. You can go everywhere in Europe within very short time and the amount of weekend trips I have done since I’m here is uncountable! (actually it is fully countable – exactly 20 of them 🙂 ) Doesn’t matter if you are up for a road trip or a flight – both are very easy and I struggle to choose the more convenient one. Even despite my fear of planes.

Not to mention my new country itself. Italy is filled with culture, beautiful landscapes, history. This is an amazing spot for tourists and travelers. When you come here and realize all that, you are just motivated to grab more and more of it. I became very greedy with this. Like I feel, I can’t never get enough and I want to see it all. Maybe that is the reason why I am just a train/flight tickets maniac.
The other side is that I start feeling that no place is my place. Everywhere I choose to go I feel like I belong there and every time I think about places I used to live or live in now, I don’t feel attachment. I clearly remember stating at the beginning of this blog that I will be leaving on at least 3 continents and I really strive for it. Not now, but one day the next move will come.

Another thing that made me grow are people I have met. It took a while, as in order to create real bonds you need time and trust, but despite having real good friends already in different countries, I have found so many interesting people that make me grow and complement me in a way. Some of them taught me how to be myself. Some how to appreciate the world around. Others how to be comfortable with myself.
I may still be failing in some areas, but without my new friends I probably would have been much further compared to where I am now. New people to travel with. To share experiences or just to laugh our asses off. What I missed in the UK was a distance from work. I really love it, but sometimes you need to clear your head. In Italy, somehow this stopped being an issue. Because in a way we have made it to draw a line between work and personal lives and also I am sharing my space between two cities. My home and my friends’ home. Como and Milano. One for being on my own. One for sharing with the special ones.

I used to be more reluctant to travel with people I didn’t particularly know. Now it has gone through complete change. I have realized how interesting, fun and crazy it is to be with completely new, different and adventurous company! Few months ago, I was mainly targeting places to travel on my own. Now, I am convincing people to come with me and I am trying to pass on my love to travelling on them. It seems to work. In the end I do believe each one of us has a hidden traveler inside. However, I am still meeting people who would say that every city is the same, so there is no point of moving around as much. I cut those acquaintance short. It is not that I don’t respect this opinion, but from my experience I already know we won’t get along. I can be fascinated by a little painting on the wall, elder people sitting in the promenade enjoying their afternoon siesta or a great building in the shape that actually doesn’t resemble anything or resembles too much.
Few months ago, I have heard that since I am in Italy, I am much less grumpy. There is something about it and despite having my don’t come close to me mood in the morning, after few hours I am back to normal! In the end I am a night person, and I deserve my moments! 😉

So words that I would consider as meaningful in the past 12 months – friendship, change, travel. I have found my passion, found people who motivate and grew up to finally move on in the direction I was always aiming, just didn’t have balls to get there.

Usually we do cheers for some major occasions – so my toast goes to my best Friend that can always trust me, the Friend who became a mentor and showed a different view at what’s around, the Friend that just tells not to give a fuck and the Friend that is simply always here and there for me – despite the distance or time.


Magic 6 of Prague’s flavours

‘Eastern Europe has been really trendy. Prague is the best-preserved city in the region … and the best beer in Europe lands on your table there for 50 cents.’ Rick Steves, American travel writer summed up perfectly Prague. Stunning place. Delicious beer. Budget weekend. However, normally when we think about Prague food is not the first thing that comes up to our mind. So today, I’m gonna prove you that Czech cuisine can be, to your surprise, very interesting and what is more important, satisfy your tastes.

6 things to try in Prague

  1. Guláš – my personal favorite
    Of course – each central european country has their own kind of Goulash. The original one comes from Hungary, however, its czech cusine is definitely the one to remember. Why? First of all, if you are vegetarin skip this part, it contains more meat and less veggies. Secondly, it is less spicy. Thirdly, it includes typical dumplings made of bread, which are dipped in this delicious soup/dish.
    Aren’t you hungry yet?

    Risultati immagini per Guláš
    Where will you find the best one?

    Mincovna – if you like it a bit fancier –
    U Magistra Kelly at Hradcany – get the real Czech feeling there –

  2. Knedliky – cause as a polish person, I love anything that could be similar to our dumplings!
    Typically you will find them together with goulash, but.. you can actually have them with marmelade inside! Yummy!
    Risultati immagini per Knedliky
  3. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo – almost impossible to remember the name or to pronounce it for an english speaker, so WRITE IT DOWN!

    bread dumplings + pork + pickled cabbage
    Can you ask for more? Very typical food, which I’d strongly recommend for winter lunch, rather than late dinner! It will fill you up for few hours, so maybe then consider a glass of wine in the cathedral area to relax and enjoy your time!

    Risultati immagini per Vepřo-knedlo-zelo

  4. Kulajda – why would anyone recommend a simple soup?
    Maybe cause in the end it is not a simply soup, but a delicious mix of potatoes, mushrooms and dill. Funny enough, this soup used to be my nightmare when I was a kid, but rumor has it that our tastes are changing while we are growing up – does it mean I got older??… Hah definitely not, just smarter with my food choice!I had a really good one here –
    But the best one I’ve tried was one winter at the Xmas market. It became my lunch and dinner the same day… I’m getting hungry only by the thought of it.

    Risultati immagini per kulajda

  5. Vegetarians will find the Smažený Sýr as a pure paradise for their pallate. Cheese. Fried Cheese. Deep Fried Cheese. When you think it can’t get better – they have added potato salad or fries. Pure love.

    Risultati immagini per Smažený Sýr

  6. Last but not least – or the best. Yes, I have a lot of ‘the bests’ here – Trdelnik. Again very difficult to pronounce rolled pastry usually topped with sugar, cinnamon or nuts.
    Where will you find the best one – on the street. Do not dare pass it indifferently.

    Risultati immagini per trdelnik
    What do you need to know?
    Prices in Prague are usually very low, so going even to a fancy restaurant means actually very good quality for reasonable price.
    The best period to try the street food is Xmas to discover little markets with mulled beer and typical grilled sausages or above mentioned goulash. Try to go to Wencelas Square where you should be able to try the local dishes throughout the year!
    Try to discover smaller streets filled with locals and ask them for their recommendations! From my experience, Czech are very friendly and usually speak English pretty well.

    Other places to recommend:
    U Bile Kuzelky –
    U Veverky –
    Pivovarsky Klub –

    Comment your experience with Czech cuisine and tell me what was your unforgettable experience!

Cracovian Legends

I have just realized that despite me being in love with my country – in a weird way as from the distant – I have never written anything particularly about polish cities. It is a time now, so get ready to discover Kraków following some legends and a big part through my friend’s – Giulia – photos, which are way better than the ones you could find on google (*spoiler alert*). At the end you will also find some recommendations on where to eat and drink 😉

There are a lot of theories on the origin of the name of our second Polish capital city. Some are purely theoretic and pragmatic but one that I like in particular is connected with the legend. In the time of Game of Thrones when I say that it includes the dragon, I should get your attention.
Walking down the Grodzka street, which is one the oldest ones in the city as is the part of the Royal trade route back from at least 13th Century, you will end up facing the huge walls of the Wawel’s Castle. My suggestion is to turn right first and head towards the Wawel’s dragon. Ah yes.. so the legend. Once upon a time… to be more specific in the 1st century, there was a lair on the Wawel’s hill where the dragon that spread the havoc among the citizens as was responsible for attacks on local virgins. No one was brave enough to face him or the strongest and most courageous knights were dying at the Vistula’s bank. Until one day the brave cobbler Dratewka or later Prince Krakus came up with a very smart or… original idea to create a fake sheep filled in with brimstone. Yes, I was asking myself why with brimstone not with dynamite or … poison. Well.. the legend says that it made the dragon so thirsty that has started to drink water from the restless Vistula. He couldn’t stop, so… he burst out and liberated the city from his cruelty. Until today the inscription on the sculpture is as below and the dragon’s cave can be visited during the summer.

RULED AD 730-750.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania smok wawelski

Wawel is the perfect place to spend early afternoon. You will find information in each guide that there is a breathtaking view from the terrace at the sunset, but I dare to differ. The view is actually more beautiful when you look from the other side of the Vistula river towards the hill and see the streaks of sun tearing themselves through the previous Royal Families’ residency, chapels…

Podobny obraz

It is interesting to mention that the bell located in the Sigmund’s Tower can be only heard during the most important occasions in Poland and in the world. Unfortunately, also during the reign of the same King the capital city of Poland was moved to Warsaw and Wawel started being neglected or occupied by Prussians leading to worsening it’s condition significantly. One of my favorite parts are actually the Tombs of Royal family or very important figures from Polish history placed under the castle. If you are interested in polish history, I am sure you will find it fascinated to walk through the tombs of people who used to have the unimaginable power over our ancestors. Of course there is a controversy of the more modern graves placed in that area after the plane crash in Smoleńsk few years back, but this should not disperse a tourist.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wawel

How many pigeons have you seen on the Market Square in Kraków? Hah.. no one is able to count them. As we are very creative people by nature (I hope!) there is another legend linked to that and as locals are used to avoiding those little flying creatures and trying not to walk under them, the tourists can go back in time and think about the legend linked with them which says that pigeons are the knights that have been put under the spell when the Prince of Krakow of that time had no money and asked the fairy for help. She then turned all his army into birds and they have started taking out rocks from the walls of St. Mary’s Church making them fall on the ground and changing into golden coins. The prince was now rich but… with no army to defend the city. The fairy has promised to take the spell back, however, under the condition that he will go to Rome and see the Pope. Unfortunately, Prince forgot quickly about his city and spent all the money on wine and decadent life on the way to Italy and Kraków is.. filled with soldiers closed in the little pigeons’ bodies.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.41 (1)

The most beautiful sight on the square is unarguably the St. Mary’s Church, which maybe from the outside may look more average, but inside… just have a look… (one of Giulia’s photos):

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.40 (2)

Also here there is a legend of the Trumpeter that was motivating the soldiers to defend the city, however, has been killed with a single Tatar’s arrow, so the melody has finished. Until today the hejnał is being played only until the moment when it was stopped at the memorable battle.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.39 (1)

The beautiful altar on photos above created by Veit Stoss has also its story. First of all the creation took over 12 years and spending the unimaginable amount of money to finish it. Afterwards he came back to Germany and was imprisoned for… an investment fraud! The altar survived ages of different historic moments until the Nazi soldiers came and stole it. Fortunately, unlike the other pieces of art, it was found in the unaffected condition and brought back to the church.

Have you heard of Wieliczka salt mine? No, well… high time to discover the place! 2.5km of a walk with a guide. Starting with going down the stairs to 63m under the ground and reaching 130m towards the end of the trip.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.38 (1)

Plenty of underground salt lakes, chambers, chapels… the view is something unreal! Also you can lick the wall as it is pure salt due to what all the bacteria is killed (so it is hygienic) and… it is simply fun! 😀

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.36

The legend here says that hungarian Princess Kinga was about to marry our Polish King, so as the part of her dowry she has asked for the lump of salt from the salt mine in Hungary, as it was very pricey in Poland and not only. She went to the salt mine with her Father and threw her engagement ring into the shaft. Upon arrival to Poland she has asked minors to dig a whole in the ground until they reached a rock. To everyone’s disbelief they have discovered there salt! When they split it into halves they have discovered Kinga’s engagement ring. That’s why she has become also the patron of polish miners.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wieliczka

The same King that has rebuilt the Salt Mine (Kazimierz Wielki) has also created the city which is now the Jewish quarter of Kraków and was named by his name – Kazimierz.

Podobny obraz

One of the tragic ones is connected with the cemetary that we have also visited on the Szeroka street. It may seem weird to have the graveyard in the middle of the main square, however, it is said that it was placed there because at one of the Jewish weddings (just before the sabbath) organized for an orphan that had no dowry, so the whole celebrations were at night to keep it simply cheaper… lasted too long and interrupted the religious celebrations in the temple. Long story short, they have all been punished with… death and the graveyard was initially for all the merrymakers…

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania kazimierz krakow cmentarz

Nowadays the quarter seems to have stopped in time and is filled with Jewish restaurants, typical shops and the roofs of mosques gazing at us inbetween the beautiful tenement houses.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania kazimierz krakow\

Thanks to my Friends I have also got to know that there is a Jewish tradition to put little stones on the grave in order to make sure that the soul does not leave the body deceased. Another, more practical, explanation is to show others that someone has visited the grave recently.

Not to be too long with the legends of Kraków, I would like to finish with recommending few places that we were lucky to visit.

  1. Restaurant U Babci Maliny –

    Typical polish food. I can tell that was almost as good as my Grandma’s! The only problem is the mix of the old soul of the place and the modern elements imposed in the interior. The beeping number on the wall was ruining the atmosphere…
    I recommend the one on Sławkowska street as it is hidden and you have to pass through the library in order to get inside. Nice little hidden place 😉

    WhatsApp Image 2018-03-17 at 19.50.13

  2. Cafe Żarówka on Floriańska Street –
    Super cozy and friendly place with very cute breakfasts and lunches. Additional advantage is extremely friendly dog of the owner and again… being hidden in-between the buildings!

    WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.41

  3. Zapiekanka on Plac Nowy – Foreigners call it a Polish pizza – for me it is more like a bruschetta thing. In any case, everyone loves it! Typical polish street food. My personal recommendation – the simpler the better (ham, mushrooms and cheese with ketchup obligatory).WhatsApp Image 2018-03-18 at 12.56.09
  4. Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa –
    Because you simply can’t leave Kraków/Poland without trying few different flavours of vodka. It would have been as if being in Italy and not trying pasta!

    WhatsApp Image 2018-03-17 at 22.27.23

  5. Bar Mleczny Pod Temidą –
    Another place you can’t miss is the Milk Bar – the best pierogi, the best dumplings, the best bigos and the best krokiety – after my Grandma’s, my Mum’s and mine 😛 The only issue was very rude staff, but you can handle it for the taste of their food.

    Podobny obraz

I really hope that I have made you want to discover Poland a bit more and in case you need local’s advice, let me know as I have much more tips and ideas for this trip than I could have shared here!

Hope to hear your stories on this city soon!

back to the roots

So today I have come back from yoga and ate sushi. You might think that I really became boring and have nothing to write about, but bear with me for few more minutes. This was some kind of breakthrough in my life, as … I do not do yoga and do not eat sushi. You may ask now why the hell is she writing about it now then and why did she do both in the end? Or at least you are asking yourself this question, as this post is, hopefully, gonna be on people that can change the perception of yourself and motivate you and… my latest trip back home. Quite an unusual mix, but that would be all about my last weekend in Poland.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.38

Since I have moved abroad I have met a lot of people that travel but not a lot that have actually been to Poland or… would like to go there anytime soon. I am not sure why as there are a lot of beautiful places there, the prices are very cheap and cities easily reachable from anywhere in Europe simply by Ryanair. But there is this stereotype I guess that Poland is cold, cities not as impressive as in Western Europe and people are even colder then the weather. Which is kind of true but… I think younger generation is leading to some major changes! Anyway… It is not a country for hot summer holiday, but it is the place for sightseeing and discovering the unknown.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-18 at 10.19.10

Coming back to my main thought. In Italy I have been very positively surprised that my new Friends are actually very interested in my culture and origins. In the end for them my life is a complete tabula-rasa. I might not know their families or friends but still can see the environment they grew up in. They don’t have the same luxury with myself, so in the end I could pretend to be anyone I’d like to. I don’t see the point of doing that, but in the end who knows! 😉 Their interest was very strong and sometimes across a lot of jokes and irony we have been talking about my country and Family. There were some things that they felt to be absurd but also, or at least I hope so, that there are interesting, new or worth to listen/know about. Following that I have proposed to come to Poland few months back to two of my Friends from work, and actually not only at work.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 20.28.37

The decision to go was made actually within seconds. The tickets were cheap, city beautiful and long weekend at work filled. So yes – within next few moments the tickets have been booked and on my face there was this kind of childish smile due to the prospect of being home again after 9 months and the mix of my old world with the new surrounding. In reality, that was also the first time I was bringing people that are very close to me to very personal place of mine, so I also have felt pressure – if they gonna like it? How shall I go about the trip? Is my knowledge enough to interest them?  What was even cooler is that we have actually went also to my hometown and had dinner with my Parents and spent the night in my old room! Small thing but for me meant a world!
Having mentioned the dinner with my Mum and Dad. It was the first great highlight of the whole trip of our trio, which was then even extended to the quintet. But coming back to the dinner… My Mum is a bit extrovert, with crazy thoughts, strong personality and very vocal opinions. She is the one you can steal horses with (as we say in Poland meaning it is a great company for everything!) but also.. you can be scared as she is always straight to the point and doesn’t waste time for pretending to like something or someone. Clearly I can tell that she has loved girls. To the point that while saying goodbye, she has actually forgotten to say goodbye to me. She was so happy to meet girls and have them around that she has actually forgotten that… I am leaving back to Italy as well. Or maybe got used to our goodbyes. In any case, it was super funny situation!! But coming back to the change of habits, I will finally explain why those two stories or elements are very much linked to each other.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-20 at 07.49.32

During the dinner both of my Friends were very interested in polish culture, our traditions, language, funny stories… everything and of course you could have tell that it was a real interest. Not type of the… OMG I am here so least I can do is pretend to listen and pay attention. Moreover, I think they may have discovered and remembered even more than I wish them to! Ahh my Parents have sold them few quite good phrases or stories on me… 🙂 You can always count on them in case! Despite, or maybe thanks to, the fact it was something completely new I have seen that they were really getting into details and trying to recognize or compare that world to myself from their world, my stories and eventually, as I believe so, to their own houses. In the end our cultures are different, so it works both way. I was and still am discovering the Italian style!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-16 at 20.35.02

The next day we have been walking around Kraków and visited Wieliczka Salt Mine. I have done my best to remember by heart some stories on sights, legends, but I have failed few times, so thank god for my pretty good imagination. I hope they still remember the legend on the Dragon of Wawel! 😀 I was recommending new places, new food and… I have realized that even despite considering myself as very open person, I am probably much more difficult to be motivated to change or to try something new. At least when it comes to my habits. This weekend, both of them have trusted me completely in anything I have recommended or suggested, so well… this is something I should have learnt. They have been convincing me to do so many things and for some I have said YES straight, for some with time and for some I have failed. Of course it is easier to change your mindset for a weekend rather than lifetime, but still… in the end leading the same lifestyle and habits forever must be boring and doesn’t allow us to taste the life in its full colors.

So I have made my notes – things they have been convincing me… yoga, gym, sushi, speak italian.

Game is on girls…

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-18 at 16.58.15

can’t get enough

Podobny obraz

Living abroad expands your horizons and teaches you thinking outside the box and perceiving differently the world around you. Being more open for things that normally seem ‘not normal’. Because being surrounded by so many cultures, makes you realize that there are no wrong or rights.
Not taking for granted your comfort zone, as you know you’d have to jump out of it very soon and very often. Sharing experiences with completely new people in very random and unknown places. Sounds like a dream. In a way the expats-by-heart are living their dream, because this is the reason why we have ran away from the previous reality – to discover. However, you learn a lot about yourself and surprisingly, you start thinking how normal and average and unfulfilling life you are living…

I have done a bit in my life, 3 BAs, MA, working in two corporations, living in 2 foreign countries, traveled on my own etc. Looking at my age, I have thought that this is kind of an achievement. Also looking back at my Friends in Poland, I see that we are leading completely different lives. Everyone is developing in their areas, but I had this feeling that I left more convenient world, so I felt… proud. Yes, I wouldn’t be modest here. Not 4 years ago. I felt very good and proud that I have made it. You know what I mean, living on your own with few quids in your pocket, handling not very friendly bureaucracy in a foreign country, meeting more foreign Friends than you’ve actually have had in your  homeland or even dating completely new type of guys is THE challenge. Something that as I’ve said – made me proud of what I have done.

Well at least this is what I have thought at the beginning of my journey. Very quickly I have realized that actually finding my new favorite products in a supermarket, getting best offers and paying bills is not such an achievement. You just do things that you have to do. You got no one to do it for you, so you get your ass together and start acting like an adult. When I have moved abroad I was just on the verge of turning 24 years old. For some young for some normal (Yeah… of course not old! 😉 ) for a person to start a new adventure. Being surrounded by internationals always makes you wonder and appreciate what they have done versus your achievements. Let’s not lie to ourselves – everyone is comparing to others at some extend. I do it in a motivating way. Despite only one regret that appeared at some point – not doing Erasmus as a student – I have only realized how lucky I was to meet so ambitious and brave people. Everyone is running in this world. I know that many of you will think that this is crazy and not right… but I love this run. As Heraclitus said – the only constant in the life is change – and this is so real.
Like when I think about it… most of my expat Friends are younger and they have already lived in few countries, studied at different universities, fighting for internships, running from one interview to another. Slightly older Friends share their crazy experiences, what they have done and seen. When they tell me how much I’ve done, I honestly feel stupid and weird cause from my perspective I am far behind.

What are my risks here?
We all think that we can do everything and you have all those possibilities. To live anywhere you want to. Do whatever you feel like. Travel in the most desirable places. You are getting everything that you could dream off. And you realize you want more or… you can do more cause in the end you are not lonely rushing to experience everything in this crazy world.
I also realized how vague the word courage is. How many times I have heard it towards myself? Uncountable. But frankly speaking… I am a proper coward. 25% of all my life choices and changes might be courage but the rest is simply the strong need for something new, no matter how scared I was and how many times, I was swearing to myself that I am stupid to put myself through some sh*t.

So yes, I am proud and at the same time not really, I am not gonna to be modest about the fact that if you have given me now a one way ticket to the unknown – I’m down for it. Anytime.
But what I might be afraid of is always not having experienced something enough and wanting more and more of a change. Wanting to feel, touch and taste everything, cause in the end I am still at the very beginning of the journey. Struggle to settle, get this unfulfilled feeling.
As when you realize how big the world is, how could you shut yourself in the ‘four walls’ of the one city?


Five Shades of Liguria

No, I am not a fan of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Although I read all parts (skipping every other page). I just like knowing what people talk about. Seems the same was with Cinque Terre. Everyone has been there. Everyone loved it. Everyone had some particular experience there. I was meant to go there already since July, but there was always something more interesting. In the end I thought those are small cities mainly for hiking, so it wasn’t put on my priority. Until my Friend, Suku, has mentioned that this was her dream to go and visit the place before leaving back to India. So we went off. Just two days before her flight.


Looking through the photos on the internet, some recommendations, suggestions what to do and what to see I started falling for this place. It seemed magical. Soon I was about to experience this fully. Saturday morning we have left Milan in really good moods. Despite the weather forecast saying that it’s gonna be cold and rainy we were motivated to explore as much as possible and take most of the trip and last hours before our separation.


What a surprise we had when we have reached La Spezia (where our hotel was) and started to sweat in our thick jumpers as it was really warm (+16 degrees!). We parked the car. Got lost. Found very nice lady that traveled with us on two buses in order to show us where the train station was. It is important to mention that the hotel was 6 min walking from the train station. Now you can imagine how lost we were before to take 2 buses …


First city was Riomaggiore. In the sun, we have been joking around, while trying to take the best photos, but of course it took ages to convince me to take a photo of myself – then I gave up and surprisingly was asking for some more shots. (not vodka ones!) This place was definitely the brightest one. It was a great beginning of the trip.


I haven’t felt the brutally coming Monday yet, so I was very careless. In the end, MONDAY IS NOT REAL! What the fuck is Monday?! Joking around come non ci fosse un domani, laughing my ass off about the most ridiculous things. People around must have thought that I have some issues, but.. I don’t think about others 😉 I even wore my brand new glasses, that I honestly hate. But I did not care.


After Riomaggiore, there was a time for Manarola. Very picturesque city where we have also eaten in the restaurant carried out by a couple of elder marriage. Home food. Sweet couple. Oh my god… I started feeling sentimental and everyone knows I am not sentimental at all. More like ‘bah..what the fuck?!’ type of a person. But come on… homemade food in grandma style (maybe not mine, but I imagine she could be my Italian grandma 😉 ) can move even such a rational person as I am. So we have started talking about future.


Our dreams and how to make them reality. Some things made me angry. As if I didn’t want to understand what was happening around. Accepting reality is not my strongest feature. I have heard the word fate few times during that trip and I am still not convinced. I mean the truth is there are weird things happening around myself, but how much is it me wanting something, looking for some sights or simple unnatural powers? Who knows?


I always try to find my own way to perceive what is happening in order to make it easier. But I could not handle this one. I was just getting pissed off. At the world. For being so big and me so small. And no, I don’t mean smelling armpits on the bus, but not being able to be everywhere, with everyone, all the time. I do my best on whatsapp, but clearly it is not the same 😀


Corniglia. A lot of effort. So many stairs… Despite almost falling twice, I was laughing all the time and covering getting more and more sad. I don’t know if I hid it well enough, but I did my best. Walking up the hill gives you some time to think. UNFORTUNATELY. This should be forbidden. Like there should be some distractions on the way. But no.. the only one was the sign of the path – which was the exact polish flag – oh.. thanks for making me more homesick. We sat a bit looking at the view from the top. Took a glass of wine. I have made friends with two cats.


Lost my head due to so many thoughts.. Trying to come up with the best excuse and way to keep all my Friends close! …so while I couldn’t focus both on the cat, thinking what was coming soon and holding a glass of wine, I have dropped wine. Cut myself and spilled it on the floor. Great. Some Italian older gentleman started complaining that I did it because I was focused on the cat. I wasn’t. As a born negotiator, I was trying to come up with the best pack with devil possible. I guess I wasn’t creative enough! A little run down to the station and … Vernazza.


I think it was my favorite city. For few reasons. But we have spent there the longest time both on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I got completely turned off in the city. I barely spoke, actually completely mute. For few reasons I guess. When I am down, I either speak too much and pretend all is good, I am a complete bitch and you better don’t come closer than 1km to me or I don’t speak at all. I felt weird as I was also meeting another Friend met recently for like 3 minutes, so I was supposed to be happy. But I simply lost all the excitement and just got cold. As I would do. Sounds depressing, but this is what I have felt. I was happy inside and super awkward and lost outside. I hope they didn’t mind or… notice!


Although, people are mainly used to me talking some nonsense, so I guess it was alright when I have started out of nowhere my stream of ‘word’sciousness. This mood led me down to the last city.


On Sunday, last city. Monterosso. The biggest. Probably with less nice views, but most interesting city. I was very calm there. Kind of accepted than in 7 hours I will be saying goodbye and crying in the car for last 45 minutes to Como. Maybe not 45, but a good 10 – yeah I did! I started joking around again and being more relaxed. In the end I had to use the time wisely. Next time we see each other is most likely no sooner than August or even LATER!!


Now you will ask why? Why did I went through all of those steps to say goodbye to a person that I have met for only 6 months? Because I get close only to some people. The ones I believe that can change me in a good way and I have changed. I was calmer. More distant and was able to build up my private world in the new place. Of course, I have friends here, but this is the one that is leaving me now. And being the selfish type only child, I believed I own the only right to do so. But well… Sometimes I need to wake up from this selfish side of me. Open my eyes, remember the acceptance feeling of Monterosso and move forward. In the end those are not goodbyes but see you laters. Like soon I am gonna have the reunion in Lisbon, meet for the first time (and we know each other for good few years) my kind of career mentor (I hope you read it and die from laughter!:PPPP) in Amsterdam, show my little world and origins in Kraków and my hometown, discovering new places with my Como Mentor & Friend, getting to know how to party with italians in the south, showing my Mum the beauty of Toscany and hopefully big.. Hello again in India! <3


and yes… I still believe I am the only one having the right to leave, so don’t try to prove me wrong again. anyone.

‘Trust me!’

I am being spontaneous, crazy and unpredictable, but my Friends despite knowing that will always perceive me as the responsible one. Because I can take care of myself and I guess I am there for them when they need me. Or I want to believe that they think so. In any case, only while travelling with me you can discover the real side of my twisted personality and the special skill of being a magnet to all of the weird/funny/ridiculous situations that could happen to me. While solo travelling it is not easy to describe everything as people will think I exaggerate, but this time I have some witnesses. And despite being in Barcelona in three (soon a post about it), all the crazy stuff happened after those words – ‘Sangu, trust me!’.

Sangu, one of my best Friends living in Milan has made probably not well-thought decision to go to Barcelona and let me organize the trip. Everything was settled. Itinerary, flights, luggage packed… let’s go for the adventure! We have entered the plane and she realized that I am really scared of flying. So taking off – despite a solid glass of wine at the airport – was ‘a bit’ intense. She was laughing but at the same time supported me in my craziness. This is how you recognize a real friend!!

So after a bit bumpy landing with the weird sounds coming from wheels (as if the pilot has used manual lever to open the chassis), we have reached the ground and I could have breathed normally again. Or even better as… Spain… here we are!!!! We rushed to the hotel to meet Lianne, who was travelling from UK and we have met through this blog actually – but this is for another long story! – so we reached the hotel and two of us went out. After 15 min of looking for some pub, we have chosen the one opened the longest as it was already way after 1 a.m. but we had no time to lose and we wanted to taste a bit of Spanish nightlife! So there we are… first ‘Sangu, trust me.’ slips from my mouth. We were trying to come back but no taxi was around and despite me speaking fluently at the bar Spanish – god knows how?! – I was reluctant to call for a cab. So we were walking. With 15% on one phone and much less on the other. I have learnt that I couldn’t trust google maps with my life. That is for sure! 1 hour of walking around and not finding our hotel which was initially 15 minutes away! We passed the same Arch of Liberty 3 times. But we did not give up. I said to trust me… and we found it! Exhausted but laughing to tears. Cause… from the start of course I knew what I was doing (or not!).

After 3 hours of sleep we have left to discover the city. Sagrada Familia and the fulfillment of my dream – Museo di Salvador Dali were the highlights of the day and we have taken the best out of it. Running back to the train station with paella in our hands might not have been the best idea but… worth it! Then the shower and exploring the La Rambla and Gothic part at night.

How many times did I say I fell in love with Spain? Well, here I am again – #INLOVE standing at the edge of the harbor and hoping to live there one day or at least have a summer house somewhere at the seaside.

With those thoughts in my head and being struck by the beauty of Spanish chicos around, while drinking coffee I was woken up by the street guitar player. Yes, he sang ‘Sex bomb’ by Tom Jones for us. Not very good, so we couldn’t stop the burst of laughter! Of course, who laughed first? (Pointing the finger at myself). So I have decided to be nice to this poor guy and gave him few euros asking – please, could you not sing again? Girls thought they will die from laughter, but what is worst he has decided to sing a little part of another weird serenade and then leave. I was literally crying there… couldn’t stop for good few minutes! Anyway.. it was very calm and relaxing evening. Me and Sangu did not know that the next night – leaving one – was supposed to be full of adventures.

So yes… Sunday, not to go into details now, I woke up earlier went to a museum and then we met in the city. It was raining a lot but we still have managed to have great time and see a big part of this splendid city. After merenda unfortunately, the two of us had to be coming back to the flat. Last goodbyes and … back home 🙁

Somehow we have made it to reach the airport with no surprises or adventures. Our plane was supposed to depart at 20.50. Now imagine our faces when we realized it was departing at 22.50 as there was delay. We had almost 4 hours ahead! I don’t want to count how many sangrias we could have had in that time on Plaça Reial!

After trusting me in finding the way back from the toilet – I failed again, but at least I have admitted it after 15 minutes of walkig towards the dead end (another #trustme story), we went shopping the grab some food. I have ordered first and then when my Friend was buying her food, from boredom, I have reached out my phone and checked the vueling (airlines) app. What I saw…. our flight was departing at 21.35!!! It was 21.05!!!!!!!! Damn it! Started to sweat in a second. Sangu came back. Saw my face and I was only like… Sangu, we need to leave. Now!

I run to check the board and it was right. I checked the gate number B29 came back to our food and suitcases and… instead of doing anything I grabbed few french fries. Stood still and said.. just trust me. I take my french fries, you take yours and run!

So we run to B29. To our surprise it was empty. I was already partially happy hoping that our plane is gone and we have to stay longer. But.. it still seemed weird. No notice… nothing. So I run to the board. Again. Oops… it was B39!!! How blind one can be! ‘RUN!!!’. So we reached our queue… thank god not as last ones. We have started to talk and also organize how to pick up the car at the airport etc. As I left it for the first time at the cheap but in the middle of nowhere car park. So we needed a transfer. I took out the card and… it was all wet, so while I was taking it out I did a huge hole just in the middle of a bar code… thank god not the number to the place though! So trusting me with the car was not the best idea either…why was it wet? Cause I said that it would be the great idea to keep both umbrellas in one bag – mine – together, so it wouldn’t make everything wet… just my car ticket and PASSPORT that were in the same pocket #welldone.

Ok. We have landed. Finally! Out of the airport. I called this sad van to pick us up and we were waiting with other people. Then we hear ‘Klaudia!’. Yes, that’s us!! Smiling like two little babies (it was midnight!) we ran to the minibus and I said my surname. The guy confirmed, so we packed our stuff and went to sit inside. Just in case, I showed the ticket… the face of driver said it all. Do not trust me. It is not our transfer. So we patiently left the car just to discover few minutes later that the guy was waiting for Claudio, so two guys not two girls…

Anyway, we finally made it to the car park and despite not very good karaoke session which made us realize we can flawlessly sing only two lines from any song, we have reached our homes. With lots of funny storied and this one sentence in our head ‘… trust me’.

So if you ever think about travelling with me, I do recommend to read this post twice. Or more 😉


Conquer the heart of Budapest


You may think – Why does she put M83 song while talking about Budapest?
I agree might be a bit off topic, but let me show you my side of the city. The angle that I believe everyone should discover and yes, maybe it is not the best way to discover the city at the first attempt. In the end you have to see the beauty of Buda and Pest. To start with Gellert Hill, Parliament Building, Hosok Tere (Heroes Square) or the Margharet Island. However, Budapest has much more to offer for you to feel the place and understand the rhythm of the city.

As an insomniac, I have always been a night person. I love cities by night. My biggest dreams and plans always appear during the night in the places that simply can inspire me. I truly believe that each place has its soul and we can connect with the city same way as we do with the person. We can fall in love and we can create some kind of relationship with it. We will be doing everything to come back, to get in platonic touch with the city and experience all its secrets. To get to know better and understand. Also for a traveler or a tourist – it can mean a one night stand, so let’s try to take the best out of it! So yes my dear Budapest, let’s share our story.

In order to get into the night feeling of the city, I have decided to make a kind of different trip. Not necessarily focusing on the main places in the city, but to discover the place deeper. The first day I spent purely on the main sights, from the second day the real plot has started.

It is worth saying that I have been travelling to Hungary with my Parents since I was 4 years old until 15, so I know the food and culture pretty well, however, my first time with the capital happened just recently in 2017.


Children on Duty

First stop was a Children on Duty train. Basically the whole thing is led by kids from 10 till 14 years old. They sell you tickets, operate the train, call in the last passengers and make sure you are behaving well at the station! At first glance it can seem a bit ridiculous, but if you let yourself into the situation you start getting into the Doogie Howser series. You kind of get that weird feeling that maybe we are all working adults being kids inside? Or maybe the world is accelerating too much and we are all getting into adulthood too early? Or maybe we all underestimate the naive children’s world and they actually can do more? I don’t know… Just my thoughts. Second thought I had, while I saw a boy dressed in kind of old-style uniform was… Oliver Twist. Yeah… of course those kids have completely different lives!
Don’t get me wrong. I get that this is volunteering and gives them amazing opportunity to learn responsibility and do something different and fun, but then… shouldn’t they live their kids’ lives? Like if you let yourself in the situation being surrounded by beautiful nature and views, you get those weird thoughts and personally I have had very good feeling but also started to wonder is it the way I would like to have my childhood – from the perspective of time or am I happy with being careless longer!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania children on duty budapest


Hospital in The Rock

While getting back from the trip train, it is easy to reach the old nuclear bunker or actually the old hospital set in the previously nuclear bunker. You get the guided trip every hour in English and then you teleport yourself into the times of the war. This is an old hospital, so you get a bit of a chill from that. Then when you see that it has those bunker elements the whole darkness of the place seems just overwhelming! Videos, letters, notes, memories – this all just make you speechless after leaving the place. We are so damn lucky to have normal hospitals! Something to experience, something to see. Of course probably exaggerated (or not?!) for the commercial purposes, but makes you appreciate the modern times in a way.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania hospital in the rock budapest

There was also a Polish accent there!

Polish radio program (Z kraju i ze świata) – 10th of December 195
Anna Retmaniak radio reporter, the Special Correspondent of the Polish Radio, accompanied the first transport of aid supply sent from Poland. During her trip to Hungary, she visited the Hospital in the Rock.



Something amazing about Budapest is that wherever you go, you’ll get stuck in some random place where you discover amazing spot. Walking toward the Gellert Hill I have found a library – Orszagos Szechenyi Koenyvtar (of course I checked it out online how to write it!). Now you will tell me… it is the first national library in Budapest. Everyone knows about it. True. It is in the castle that millions of visitors go and see every year, but I was still happy like a baby to go inside and see the manuscripts, feel old books and admire the silence of the place.

Below you can find some links to famous libraries in the city. I haven’t been there, but looking at their websites they look simply… inspiring.


>>> – this one looks the coolest! I can’t imagine I have missed it! First of all it is the English and German literature, which I am in love with. Secondly – it looks like a country yard. Must be the experience.


Then you head to Gellert Hill and you visit mesmerizing Cave Church, I was lucky and saw a display of the modern art on my way up the hill. Unfortunately, I have lost some photos when my phone broke down, so I can’t share neither photos nor the name of the artist … (Hungarian is not the easiest language!). I wonder – how the hell people has built this church? Like nowadays the buildings created are falling down after few years, because the construction wasn’t the best, probably the investment too low etc. But at least we have the tools. Back in times… only human hands. My mind simply cannot process it.

Another things worth seeing during the day to get ready for the night:

  • Singing Fountains >>>
  • Semmelweis Medical Museum >>>
  • Hidden Thermal Water Tap close to the Elizabeth Bridge. Great thing – especially at night when you drank slightly… too much! 😉
  • Ronald Reagan statue at the Liberty Square


Then you enter into the nightlife

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania night in budapest promenade

The thing not to miss in Budapest is the night cruise. The views are breathtaking. Have a glass of wine during the cruise and just free your thoughts in your mind. You think that a lot of cities are lit at night. Normal stuff. But there is something in this city, that makes it stand out. Maybe because the colors are very well-thought. Everything has the same light color which mixed with the old bricks of buildings is mixed into Gold. Maybe because all the monuments seem like big stains in the darkness if you see them from the further distance. Maybe cause.. it is Budapest and I have had the connection with the place, so felt it more. Maybe it was wine… Well who knows?! But it got into me. I wrote a separate post on my Budapest solo travelling and there you can see what an impact city had on me. Quite relevant one 😉 (

Then you leave the boat and go straight to the Jewish District to experience the real nightlife. Pubs, Jazz music, Beer, food… Some places that I strongly recommend!

  • Ruin Bars in Budapest: Mazel Tov, Kertem (must see!)
  • Kisuzem: I was lucky to hear little part of the life jazz concert
  • Aurora: a bit bohemian place, filled with locals, great experience with not many tourists


After seeing and experiencing those things and a bit of wine and good food (below) – walking back at 2 a.m. in the morning back to the airbnb with the view at the Cathedral I guess you can imagine why I have had this song in my head. Mixed with the sound of the Budapest soul. Music and People around. Yes, the culture is very different from the Italian one that is around me. Maybe they ar a bit colder, maybe less extroverts, but this is the signature of each place. Different culture and approach. You can’t have enough of it and the first thing you got in your head after coming back home is… when am I going to be back.

I hope that now you understand why this ‘city is my church, it wraps me in the sparkling twilight’.

Budapest, see you soon.



Little things to help you to conquer this unsettled heart!

Moving around

Metro and trams are super cheap. Just buy few single tickets at the airport at the kiosk and you will be completely fine. You cannot miss the famous tram no. 2 and the oldest metro line 1 with really cool stops that makes you feel as if you were in another era.


Hungarian Cuisine is very heavy, so if you are travelling in the summer (like I did), you’d struggle with trying all their best dishes, but there are some must eat things, that yes, you will probably need a digestive nap in your hotel afterwards, but you cannot miss them out!

  • Perkelt simply Goulash – be careful can be pretty spicy as for the European standards!Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania perkelt
  • Paprikas – not easy to explain, but imagine mix of peppers, meet and rice. Can’t go wrong! 😉 Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania paprikas
  • Langos – I recommend with garlic sauce and cheese – very typical one. Of course, if you are not planning to kiss anyone for the next two days! Pretty strong flavors!Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania langos
  • Ruszwurm Cake – simply heaven in your mouth >>>
  • Tokaj Wine (e.g. Aszu) and Palinka – shall I really convince you to try this?