thoughtless trentino

There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.
Maybe Jack Kerouac’s words are not the first ones when someone would think about me. Normally my logorrhea is widely known and it is rather difficult to imagine myself without talking – yet, there are those moments.

Second day of the road trip has started with getting lost in the forest. Although it has been morning, I felt full of energy and was pretty creative with all the stupid subjects one could talk about. After few hours being surrounded by nature and lack of people, I kind of felt like just walking. Looking around and walking. Each of us needs the time to think and focus on our thoughts or the opposite – turn them off. Second day was partially a reset of my mind. Loads of things have been happening in my life in the proceeding weeks and for a moment I just wanted to switch off.

I was always convinced that to do this I have to be on my own. To put on some music on my phone or lie down at the seaside with a book. Not know anyone. Not see anyone. Not to listen to anyone. Focus on myself seemed always being connected with travelling solo. You might be thinking now, how come this topic occurs while writing about the road trip with my Friend? I was surprised myself, but the nature and most importantly a perfect company allows you, maybe even more, to focus on present future, rather than non existing present perfect.

After the hike in Bolzano, we have headed to the car which was parked just in front of the hotel in the Castel Corba. Since the last think I wanted to do is to make Giulia’s beauty – Fiat 500 – stinky I have taken something shower alike outside the car – being sure no one was around. Of course, I was wrong and nearby there were some teenagers looking at me using milion wipes and putting antiperspirant to my shoes with a bit of a disgust. Oh well… why would I care – Lago di Braies was waiting!
The weather forecast unfortunately was not in our favor. Driving there we were kind of praying to make it before the storm. The traffic on the road was also pretty insane. But this allowed us to admire the views outside our windows. Being a bit tired, we have been just singing along some 90s classics and of course, I was sipping my coca cola. The trip seemed at some point endless and I think that was the moment, when I started turning off mentally. I was still there, but seemed like a different zone.

When we have reached the place – it was stunning! The weather was crap, but this didn’t spoil the view. The color of the lake, the Alps that looked literally unreal and as if taken from Winslow Homer’s painting. Or even prettier, as n the end nothing can beat the nature. I stood there and just got silent. Of course, it didn’t mean I started behaving like an adult on holiday – rather like a kid in the lego factory. I was getting crazy, having funny things in my head and… I didn’t think for a second about anything happening in my life. At all. Neither good nor bad things. Just living the moment. Just the way I like it. Maybe if you see the place yourself, you’d understand what I mean. I am sure you would, but I can only give you a weak preview…

Walking around the lake, having interesting conversations, then less normal ones of course… as it would happen between two friends. We have left the place just in time. Just before huge downpour and storm, so we ran to the car – just before I ate two brioche – in case I was about to lose weight (yes, being very ironic here!).

So we reached our hotel in Trento. In the meantime, we also got to know that there is Alpini event there. Of course I had no idea what it was or who they were, but got excited to be part of it. My Friend has started teaching me some of their traditional songs, so I got into the mood. Ah well… so who are Alpini? They are mountain military corps and they have this festivity every year in a different city – next year Milano! Getting hyper about the event I was only thinking about having a shower and leaving, but then.. we have seen our hotel. It was insane! Beautiful, old villa.

The price was surprisingly low and the place stunning. The owner that has welcomed us herself was very friendly, smiling and the service – amazing! After first few words we have exchanged we have been told that the city is completely crowded and crammed and there is no way to eat anything out as everything is booked and Alpini are everywhere! So we were kind of stuck in what to do! No food, no shop, no nothing. Then the owner has told us that actually we will be the only ones in the mansion so… she has prepared us really nice aperitivo with wine and went to her home nearby. Us – after the dinner, glass of wine and coffee – to the city. Obviously I wouldn’t have missed to get some folklore of the place.

You can’t imagine the crowd and mess! People were even having their tents in the areas next to churches! Insane! I loved it though! This is my vibe, mess, people, city life, night and… again people! Smile was all over my face. I don’t know what I was thinking about, but was just trying to grab each moment around. It was very different to those kind of events in Poland, so for me the behavior, the lifestyle and the vibe were new. Some moments very funny, some creepy, but all unforgettable. The highlight of the night – in accordance to the elder generation of Alpini I am 16 years old (or so, don’t remember exactly but definitely was teenage times). How not to love them? Not to mention the first stop – Braulio, typical spirit from the Lombardy area, that is a perfect digestive.


Walking around the city, or trying to see a little bits of it through the crowd, I really felt like it was a good place for me to be at that moment. Maybe I didn’t get the true atmosphere of Trento, but the local experience was there. And my head was so empty that… when we came back, I sat for a while on the sofa, didn’t even finish wine and went straight to bed. Apparantly I started snoring before I even finished saying Buonanotte. Ah… if this was the case every night! My life would have been so much easier!

Morning, really tasty breakfast with soooo good brioche that I can’t even describe it and off we go to Trento. We felt like exploring the city by day as well. When we saw the Alpini stumbling in the street and being surrounded by the overwhelming smell of hangover, we understood it is time to go towards Tremosine. The breathtaking terrace overlooking Garda Lake. To reach the place is not easy, but safe the location in your google maps, as it is a place not to be missed – Terrazza Del Brivido, Via Europa, Pieve, Tremosine, BS. Just remember again, drink red bull and don’t forget your glasses before getting there… the road is… quite intense.

There we were walking in silence for a while. Because of the experience on the road, the views and the height. If you have looked down, you could have seen how small everything there was. Something unbelievable and also makes you think. Feeling so small in such a big world, which is led by nature. As humans we tend to forget about it, but those moments just remind us how irrelevant in a way we are.

Few photos, coffee and we went to reach another point – Vittoriale degli Italiani. The stunning villa of D’Annunzio (author of Primo Vere or La Terra Vergine – not to lie those were the two of his works that I have actually read). Having vague idea of what was his life like, I didn’t expect to see the garden filled with military sculptures, armor and… the military ship in the middle of it! It was a great experience. But also we were tired and I think this made us even more silent. We were walking our own way and were enjoying the place in our own pace with our own thoughts.

On my first day I have actually asked my Friend what would have been her superpower and then shared my idea. Well mine would be very dangerous. I would like to read people’s thoughts. Why? Because I would like to see their real perspective at life and what they really have in their minds. Not to steal anyone’s ideas but to see their real side. But wouldn’t it be better to hear ourselves better first – to see through yourself and have a reset; free of everyday struggle thoughts.
It really doesn’t matter if you are on your own or with your Friends, because if you really feel it then again… sometimes the only thing to do is just go.

the trip to the unusual

Unusual nowadays this word has definitely no clear meaning. There are so little things we can call this way as in the millennials era we seem to accept, digest and acquire more information or strange situations that our ancestors would not even have thought about. Not to mention to think they could ever happen. I love discovering abandoned places. Some are creepy. Some mesmerizing. Some romantic. And some scare the shit out of you.
There is something mysterious about such place. Why was it abandoned? Which stories do the walls keep from us? How were people living there? They are old. They are deserted. They are empty.
They were closed for a reason.


Some time ago I have randomly heard about an abandoned mental hospital in Mombello, which is around 40 min by car from my place. It gave me goosebumps. I usually try to go on my own to those creepy places and then after first minute I regret doing that as I have no one to follow and hide myself behind, so I have used some strategy – namely sent a link to the place to a person I was quite convinced would like it. Just a feeling. Few days after the flight tickets were booked and I was getting ready for a trip. Mentally.


If you look up the place online, you won’t have a lot of information about it. Especially not in English, so it took me a while to find some notes, reviews and suggestions on how to get there and move there. I have asked around and people seemed to be slightly creep out that I would have even asked about it or haven’t even heard about the place (how could they not, no idea!).

Mombello is situated in Limbiate and is a very small village, which – not sure if because it is suggestive due to the aim of the trip – but looks quite weird and scary from the ‘gate’ to the city.

Imgine this the complex of almost 40,000 sqm filled with hospital beds, electrocardiograms, medical records. All this scattered on the floor and coming even from the 70s. Moreover the whole place is surrounded by 2 m high wall that were hiding in the past some tragic stories. Some experiments and I am sure very sad stories.

The complex includes few buildings. Surprisingly one of them seem to be used still as the houses of an institute for business appraiser and the Corberi, a halfway house for heavy mentally ills. What is interesting this is the building where Napoleon Bonaparte has spent few months during the war. Next to this, let’s call it main building, you can see abandoned little church/chapel. I really wish it was possible to visit it, but I think we didn’t have balls to cross the do not enter sign. Only in that place though. This villa was built for the noble family Pusterla and called Villa Crivelli Pusterla in 14th century. Over the years changing owners there were more buildings added and changed or renovated until being first abandoned in the late 19th century. Few years after, when the mental hospital in Senavra.


Initially there were supposed to be maximum 900 patients in that place, however, there were over 3500 of them.. and who knows what was the real number. To add up to the craziness of this place, at the beginning of 20th century, for 10 years, the italian psychiatrist – Ugo Cerletti – worked in Mombello, where he started his studies on experimental epilepsy which later conducted him to the invention of electroshock therapy… Am I the only one having very literal and weird images in my life of people suffering in those dark rooms?

In 1916 Mussolini has actually received a call from Mombello. Wondering why? Well, Benito Mussolini has been known for having affairs. This time it wasn’t different and he has been with Ida Dalser. When she got pregnant, Mussolini has already left her to get married few months after to another woman. In the meantime, he was trying to convince Ida to abortion, however, she gave a birth to the boy. The same one that died in Mombello 26 years after. Mussolini made sure that Ida was kept in the asylum and did not interrupt his life. She passed away in Venice after being moved there from Trento. As for the son, he was adopted by one of the Duce of Regime’s followers – Giuli Bernardi. He graduated from the naval school in La Spezia and then sailed to China where he has heard about his mum’s (step mother to be more accurate) death. He came back, but he suffered a lot of pain which was mistaken by the mental ilness and was closed in Mombello. Most likely he has been treated there for over 2 years, however, his condition was worsening and inevitably led to his death at the very young age. That was when Mussolini got the information from this creepy place.
Mysteriously the reason of his death remained unknown. His body was buried at the cementary in Limbiate.

Walking through the hallways of the buildings it is difficult not to have the feeling that you are being observed. The writings on the walls looking at you from each side. Realizing that uring the First World War, the former Psychiatric Hospital of Limbiate assigned two pavilions for veterans traumatized by the war in the trenches, and whose extreme drama was clearly shown by recent studies gives you additional thrill… Here the soldiers were subjected to clinotherapy or rest therapy and a re-energising diet. The empty chairs and plates burnt by the sun, keeping the stories undiscovered. There were not many photographing enthusiasts there, so the complete silence of the place made you think. How much suffering must have taken place in such a, in the end, small complex. Then you discover that there is more to that. While walking in the park you discover the stairs to the tunnels. If you want to discover them better, make sure to bring good boots, helmets and torches. As we were not prepared for that and I would definitely have a heart attack, I can only tell… I saw darkness that felt like cutting my skin in pieces due to the chills that was giving me. Yes, that was the moment when I started hiding, but took a deep breath and chose the direction to the second floor…

Just few moments after walking up the stairs and realizing how dangerous is the ceiling, we have heard some noises downstairs. Those were some teenagers throwing stuff and running away. You can’t imagine how scared I got that those were fireworks… I mean what kind of parents let their kids playing in Mombello? It took a lot of self-control in order to walk very carefully downstairs and not run and scream. I don’t know if I looked calm – I was trying to, but inside I felt every single, strong heart beat…

If you move around the complex you will notice stairs in the park, slightly hidden, leading you to another two buildings and the greenhouse. There  we literally didn’t meet anyone. Except for a snake… Not sure what would have been better. (Un)fortunately, we also didn’t find anything weird on the photos taken. No dingy silhouettes, afterglows, strange figures… If we did, I think I would be the next patient of the mental hospital …


The official reason for closing the place – as mentioned before, during the war there were too many patients and afterwards reaching over 3500 of them, which required opening new branches and moving them all in the 90s of 20th century.
But who knows what was really happening behind the closed walls… Now you can only imagine the history of this place through the suggestive graffiti created by street artists or some vandals, that in the end gave this place the special, undiscovered, feeling.


No object is mysterious. The mystery is your eye.

trentino or südtirol part 1: bolzano

Someone has said that Italy is only a geographical expression. After my road trip in Trentino area, I wouldn’t be able to fight those words. Just two weeks after the visit in the South we have decided to discover the North-East of my new homeland.
The preparation for this trip was not very long, but intense. The main aim was to do some hiking and discover places that are quite far from the city hustle and bustle, yet not unknown to tourists. We were expecting a lot of traveleres and people walking around looking for a good shot, however, in the end it appeared that the places were quite empty, hiking paths seemed abandoned and we have managed to enjoy the pure nature. We didn’t complain of course! Maybe it was because of the weather or maybe we were just lucky that long weekend was only in Switzerland, but in any case – it was perfect!


Our long weekend started on Thursday morning. I have packed on Wednesday late evening as actually last weeks were pretty busy for me. I have been travelling, had a Friend over and was also celebrating my one year in Italy – I still don’t believe it has passed by so quickly! So there we are, my Friend is waiting for me in the car already and I am trying to have my last sip of hot espresso to wake myself up! I got in the car and… boom forgot my sunglasses so a quick sprint upstairs and got them! My morning grumpiness can magically disappear if I have a travel ahead, so I have got in the car again and started talking about anything. Well.. until first 5 minutes passed by and I have realized that I have forgotten ten million things at home like shampoo or packed only sport bra! Yeah, women problems… Where was my head, I have NO IDEA.


The first destination was Lago di Resia or Reschensee. There we go with the first and main difference for this particular area – everyone speaks German. I would even say they use it as their first language and then italian. Since both of us look more german than italian (for sure myself!) no one ever started with Ciao but Hallo! The problem is that despite speaking German pretty well, their dialect was just too much. I gave up. So I went to Trentino, where they speak two languages I should understand – and in reality I was lost.


The lake of almost 6km length is well know for the unusual bell tower outstanding from the lake. Many legends have been passed on by locals on the bells ringing from the bottom of the lake since the tower has been dammed while the dam was being constructed in the 50s. We have decided to make a walk around the lake.


The trip takes around 3 hours and is 15km long. The views are spectacular, however, probably with more sunny weather the color of water would have been more beautiful. From the perspective now I can recommend you renting a bike and making the trip on your two-wheeled vehicle. The place definitely to visit, but don’t plan to spend too much time there – treat it more as a stop on your way, just like we did.


Around 4 hours later, after nice coffee and lunch, we have been ready to reach Bolzano. I was checking the city before and tried to organize our evening, as I was pretty sure it will be super empty and not interesting. How wrong I was!!! The city is worth to stay over for a weekend. Filled with people of any age having a drink outside bars. The nightlife was fully on! It was just Thursday evening, to be honest I am not used to so many people in Como at such time.


For aperitivo we have chosen Hopfen & Co. It was quite random choice as all of the places we have checked on tripadvisor before were completely full and we couldn’t make a booking in advance as weren’t sure what time we will arrive.

Aperitivo was fine, cocktail was fine. For me, a person with not super sophisticated palate, everything tasted well, however, there was one big but the service. I usually try not to complain and I am very understanding, however, if the waitress asks you to look at the receipt and check if the transaction was done as she is not sure how to read it or is making faces of being annoyed and irritated – god knows why – I get a bit frustrated myself. The only thing I was expecting was at least being polite, but I think it was too much. Anyway, let’s hope she has had only worse day. For a drink head to Franz. Super cool and crowded place. I would recommend it for solo travelers, as I am sure you will meet loads of new people there!


Later on we have decided to go for a walk. I completely forgot to mention that our apartment, found on was right in the city center, in great price and I strongly recommend it for two people!

The room looks even better than on the photos and the owner is a really nice person.

The places in Bolzano that are the must see if you are there only for an evening:
Arcades – gives the medieval feeling to the city. You feel as if you moved back in time.
Via Joseph Streiter – filled with bars and historic buildings
Via Argentieri – with the Casa Troilo and very cute link to the Arcades
Piazza delle Erbe – with the Neptune Fountain and the food market (that turns into a huge bar at night)
Piazza Municipio and the Town Hall
and last but not least Cathedral and the Castle

Once you cover all those places you can head to… have some gelato!
We’ve tried Gelateria Eccetera as it was one of the only few still open at 11 p.m. It was a good choice though – cremino flavor… mmm… I wish I had some ice cream in my fridge now (or better not!).

It was time to bed, as Friday morning we had some trekking to do. Still in Bolzano.


As I was going through websites and doing research on the area, I have found a nice trekking path between three castles and a tower nearby. You will see the ruins of Castel d’Appiano, Castel Boymont and Castel Corba.


The walk is around 5 km and should take no longer than 2.5h. The only problem is that we didn’t learn from the mistakes from the past and we have got lost as we didn’t read the signs properly! In the end our trekking was almost 8km long and lasted over 3 hours. It was very steep (the original path should be pretty easy), pretty scary as there were no sights of live and we have even managed to trespass to somebody’s vineyard and met their two little, but feisty dogs!


The whole path you can find under this link:

After the walk – and a bit of pain in my legs! – we have started our trip towards Lago di Braies and Trento. About that Friday soon… and there is still Saturday to tell you about.


Considering all the differences that I have noticed between the north and the south or even Lombardy and Trentino, I agree that Italy is only a geographical expression and don’t even try to fight it and find one definition of this colorful variety. Every visitor admires how different and unlike is each city from another and how you can’t compare the places, people and language.
Each has its beauty but also perks, so you have to discover yourself which is your own part of this picturesque peninsula. 

Five Shades of Liguria

No, I am not a fan of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Although I read all parts (skipping every other page). I just like knowing what people talk about. Seems the same was with Cinque Terre. Everyone has been there. Everyone loved it. Everyone had some particular experience there. I was meant to go there already since July, but there was always something more interesting. In the end I thought those are small cities mainly for hiking, so it wasn’t put on my priority. Until my Friend, Suku, has mentioned that this was her dream to go and visit the place before leaving back to India. So we went off. Just two days before her flight.


Looking through the photos on the internet, some recommendations, suggestions what to do and what to see I started falling for this place. It seemed magical. Soon I was about to experience this fully. Saturday morning we have left Milan in really good moods. Despite the weather forecast saying that it’s gonna be cold and rainy we were motivated to explore as much as possible and take most of the trip and last hours before our separation.


What a surprise we had when we have reached La Spezia (where our hotel was) and started to sweat in our thick jumpers as it was really warm (+16 degrees!). We parked the car. Got lost. Found very nice lady that traveled with us on two buses in order to show us where the train station was. It is important to mention that the hotel was 6 min walking from the train station. Now you can imagine how lost we were before to take 2 buses …


First city was Riomaggiore. In the sun, we have been joking around, while trying to take the best photos, but of course it took ages to convince me to take a photo of myself – then I gave up and surprisingly was asking for some more shots. (not vodka ones!) This place was definitely the brightest one. It was a great beginning of the trip.


I haven’t felt the brutally coming Monday yet, so I was very careless. In the end, MONDAY IS NOT REAL! What the fuck is Monday?! Joking around come non ci fosse un domani, laughing my ass off about the most ridiculous things. People around must have thought that I have some issues, but.. I don’t think about others 😉 I even wore my brand new glasses, that I honestly hate. But I did not care.


After Riomaggiore, there was a time for Manarola. Very picturesque city where we have also eaten in the restaurant carried out by a couple of elder marriage. Home food. Sweet couple. Oh my god… I started feeling sentimental and everyone knows I am not sentimental at all. More like ‘bah..what the fuck?!’ type of a person. But come on… homemade food in grandma style (maybe not mine, but I imagine she could be my Italian grandma 😉 ) can move even such a rational person as I am. So we have started talking about future.


Our dreams and how to make them reality. Some things made me angry. As if I didn’t want to understand what was happening around. Accepting reality is not my strongest feature. I have heard the word fate few times during that trip and I am still not convinced. I mean the truth is there are weird things happening around myself, but how much is it me wanting something, looking for some sights or simple unnatural powers? Who knows?


I always try to find my own way to perceive what is happening in order to make it easier. But I could not handle this one. I was just getting pissed off. At the world. For being so big and me so small. And no, I don’t mean smelling armpits on the bus, but not being able to be everywhere, with everyone, all the time. I do my best on whatsapp, but clearly it is not the same 😀


Corniglia. A lot of effort. So many stairs… Despite almost falling twice, I was laughing all the time and covering getting more and more sad. I don’t know if I hid it well enough, but I did my best. Walking up the hill gives you some time to think. UNFORTUNATELY. This should be forbidden. Like there should be some distractions on the way. But no.. the only one was the sign of the path – which was the exact polish flag – oh.. thanks for making me more homesick. We sat a bit looking at the view from the top. Took a glass of wine. I have made friends with two cats.


Lost my head due to so many thoughts.. Trying to come up with the best excuse and way to keep all my Friends close! …so while I couldn’t focus both on the cat, thinking what was coming soon and holding a glass of wine, I have dropped wine. Cut myself and spilled it on the floor. Great. Some Italian older gentleman started complaining that I did it because I was focused on the cat. I wasn’t. As a born negotiator, I was trying to come up with the best pack with devil possible. I guess I wasn’t creative enough! A little run down to the station and … Vernazza.


I think it was my favorite city. For few reasons. But we have spent there the longest time both on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday I got completely turned off in the city. I barely spoke, actually completely mute. For few reasons I guess. When I am down, I either speak too much and pretend all is good, I am a complete bitch and you better don’t come closer than 1km to me or I don’t speak at all. I felt weird as I was also meeting another Friend met recently for like 3 minutes, so I was supposed to be happy. But I simply lost all the excitement and just got cold. As I would do. Sounds depressing, but this is what I have felt. I was happy inside and super awkward and lost outside. I hope they didn’t mind or… notice!


Although, people are mainly used to me talking some nonsense, so I guess it was alright when I have started out of nowhere my stream of ‘word’sciousness. This mood led me down to the last city.


On Sunday, last city. Monterosso. The biggest. Probably with less nice views, but most interesting city. I was very calm there. Kind of accepted than in 7 hours I will be saying goodbye and crying in the car for last 45 minutes to Como. Maybe not 45, but a good 10 – yeah I did! I started joking around again and being more relaxed. In the end I had to use the time wisely. Next time we see each other is most likely no sooner than August or even LATER!!


Now you will ask why? Why did I went through all of those steps to say goodbye to a person that I have met for only 6 months? Because I get close only to some people. The ones I believe that can change me in a good way and I have changed. I was calmer. More distant and was able to build up my private world in the new place. Of course, I have friends here, but this is the one that is leaving me now. And being the selfish type only child, I believed I own the only right to do so. But well… Sometimes I need to wake up from this selfish side of me. Open my eyes, remember the acceptance feeling of Monterosso and move forward. In the end those are not goodbyes but see you laters. Like soon I am gonna have the reunion in Lisbon, meet for the first time (and we know each other for good few years) my kind of career mentor (I hope you read it and die from laughter!:PPPP) in Amsterdam, show my little world and origins in Kraków and my hometown, discovering new places with my Como Mentor & Friend, getting to know how to party with italians in the south, showing my Mum the beauty of Toscany and hopefully big.. Hello again in India! <3


and yes… I still believe I am the only one having the right to leave, so don’t try to prove me wrong again. anyone.

Conquer the heart of Budapest


You may think – Why does she put M83 song while talking about Budapest?
I agree might be a bit off topic, but let me show you my side of the city. The angle that I believe everyone should discover and yes, maybe it is not the best way to discover the city at the first attempt. In the end you have to see the beauty of Buda and Pest. To start with Gellert Hill, Parliament Building, Hosok Tere (Heroes Square) or the Margharet Island. However, Budapest has much more to offer for you to feel the place and understand the rhythm of the city.

As an insomniac, I have always been a night person. I love cities by night. My biggest dreams and plans always appear during the night in the places that simply can inspire me. I truly believe that each place has its soul and we can connect with the city same way as we do with the person. We can fall in love and we can create some kind of relationship with it. We will be doing everything to come back, to get in platonic touch with the city and experience all its secrets. To get to know better and understand. Also for a traveler or a tourist – it can mean a one night stand, so let’s try to take the best out of it! So yes my dear Budapest, let’s share our story.

In order to get into the night feeling of the city, I have decided to make a kind of different trip. Not necessarily focusing on the main places in the city, but to discover the place deeper. The first day I spent purely on the main sights, from the second day the real plot has started.

It is worth saying that I have been travelling to Hungary with my Parents since I was 4 years old until 15, so I know the food and culture pretty well, however, my first time with the capital happened just recently in 2017.


Children on Duty

First stop was a Children on Duty train. Basically the whole thing is led by kids from 10 till 14 years old. They sell you tickets, operate the train, call in the last passengers and make sure you are behaving well at the station! At first glance it can seem a bit ridiculous, but if you let yourself into the situation you start getting into the Doogie Howser series. You kind of get that weird feeling that maybe we are all working adults being kids inside? Or maybe the world is accelerating too much and we are all getting into adulthood too early? Or maybe we all underestimate the naive children’s world and they actually can do more? I don’t know… Just my thoughts. Second thought I had, while I saw a boy dressed in kind of old-style uniform was… Oliver Twist. Yeah… of course those kids have completely different lives!
Don’t get me wrong. I get that this is volunteering and gives them amazing opportunity to learn responsibility and do something different and fun, but then… shouldn’t they live their kids’ lives? Like if you let yourself in the situation being surrounded by beautiful nature and views, you get those weird thoughts and personally I have had very good feeling but also started to wonder is it the way I would like to have my childhood – from the perspective of time or am I happy with being careless longer!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania children on duty budapest


Hospital in The Rock

While getting back from the trip train, it is easy to reach the old nuclear bunker or actually the old hospital set in the previously nuclear bunker. You get the guided trip every hour in English and then you teleport yourself into the times of the war. This is an old hospital, so you get a bit of a chill from that. Then when you see that it has those bunker elements the whole darkness of the place seems just overwhelming! Videos, letters, notes, memories – this all just make you speechless after leaving the place. We are so damn lucky to have normal hospitals! Something to experience, something to see. Of course probably exaggerated (or not?!) for the commercial purposes, but makes you appreciate the modern times in a way.

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania hospital in the rock budapest

There was also a Polish accent there!

Polish radio program (Z kraju i ze świata) – 10th of December 195
Anna Retmaniak radio reporter, the Special Correspondent of the Polish Radio, accompanied the first transport of aid supply sent from Poland. During her trip to Hungary, she visited the Hospital in the Rock.



Something amazing about Budapest is that wherever you go, you’ll get stuck in some random place where you discover amazing spot. Walking toward the Gellert Hill I have found a library – Orszagos Szechenyi Koenyvtar (of course I checked it out online how to write it!). Now you will tell me… it is the first national library in Budapest. Everyone knows about it. True. It is in the castle that millions of visitors go and see every year, but I was still happy like a baby to go inside and see the manuscripts, feel old books and admire the silence of the place.

Below you can find some links to famous libraries in the city. I haven’t been there, but looking at their websites they look simply… inspiring.


>>> – this one looks the coolest! I can’t imagine I have missed it! First of all it is the English and German literature, which I am in love with. Secondly – it looks like a country yard. Must be the experience.


Then you head to Gellert Hill and you visit mesmerizing Cave Church, I was lucky and saw a display of the modern art on my way up the hill. Unfortunately, I have lost some photos when my phone broke down, so I can’t share neither photos nor the name of the artist … (Hungarian is not the easiest language!). I wonder – how the hell people has built this church? Like nowadays the buildings created are falling down after few years, because the construction wasn’t the best, probably the investment too low etc. But at least we have the tools. Back in times… only human hands. My mind simply cannot process it.

Another things worth seeing during the day to get ready for the night:

  • Singing Fountains >>>
  • Semmelweis Medical Museum >>>
  • Hidden Thermal Water Tap close to the Elizabeth Bridge. Great thing – especially at night when you drank slightly… too much! 😉
  • Ronald Reagan statue at the Liberty Square


Then you enter into the nightlife

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania night in budapest promenade

The thing not to miss in Budapest is the night cruise. The views are breathtaking. Have a glass of wine during the cruise and just free your thoughts in your mind. You think that a lot of cities are lit at night. Normal stuff. But there is something in this city, that makes it stand out. Maybe because the colors are very well-thought. Everything has the same light color which mixed with the old bricks of buildings is mixed into Gold. Maybe because all the monuments seem like big stains in the darkness if you see them from the further distance. Maybe cause.. it is Budapest and I have had the connection with the place, so felt it more. Maybe it was wine… Well who knows?! But it got into me. I wrote a separate post on my Budapest solo travelling and there you can see what an impact city had on me. Quite relevant one 😉 (

Then you leave the boat and go straight to the Jewish District to experience the real nightlife. Pubs, Jazz music, Beer, food… Some places that I strongly recommend!

  • Ruin Bars in Budapest: Mazel Tov, Kertem (must see!)
  • Kisuzem: I was lucky to hear little part of the life jazz concert
  • Aurora: a bit bohemian place, filled with locals, great experience with not many tourists


After seeing and experiencing those things and a bit of wine and good food (below) – walking back at 2 a.m. in the morning back to the airbnb with the view at the Cathedral I guess you can imagine why I have had this song in my head. Mixed with the sound of the Budapest soul. Music and People around. Yes, the culture is very different from the Italian one that is around me. Maybe they ar a bit colder, maybe less extroverts, but this is the signature of each place. Different culture and approach. You can’t have enough of it and the first thing you got in your head after coming back home is… when am I going to be back.

I hope that now you understand why this ‘city is my church, it wraps me in the sparkling twilight’.

Budapest, see you soon.



Little things to help you to conquer this unsettled heart!

Moving around

Metro and trams are super cheap. Just buy few single tickets at the airport at the kiosk and you will be completely fine. You cannot miss the famous tram no. 2 and the oldest metro line 1 with really cool stops that makes you feel as if you were in another era.


Hungarian Cuisine is very heavy, so if you are travelling in the summer (like I did), you’d struggle with trying all their best dishes, but there are some must eat things, that yes, you will probably need a digestive nap in your hotel afterwards, but you cannot miss them out!

  • Perkelt simply Goulash – be careful can be pretty spicy as for the European standards!Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania perkelt
  • Paprikas – not easy to explain, but imagine mix of peppers, meet and rice. Can’t go wrong! 😉 Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania paprikas
  • Langos – I recommend with garlic sauce and cheese – very typical one. Of course, if you are not planning to kiss anyone for the next two days! Pretty strong flavors!Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania langos
  • Ruszwurm Cake – simply heaven in your mouth >>>
  • Tokaj Wine (e.g. Aszu) and Palinka – shall I really convince you to try this?