too demanding against myself, too high ambitions, the interest of life along with workoholism – shaken not mixed!
passionate about travelling, books and meeting new cultures and what comes along – new people.

insomniac – solivagant – weekender

book – ‘The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography’ by Hans Christian Andersen
movie – Forrest Gump
artist – Salvador Dali
music – Lykke Li
get in touch if you want to travel together!


2 thoughts on “me

  1. Travelling with Klaudia is a great pleasure, no matter what destination is chosen. The best thing is organisation concerning cheap flights, convenient accommodation in good localization, restaurants with local food, museum attractions, all the entrance tickets and fees. Even if the plan is established Klaudia is very elastic to add someone else’s idea and needs 🙂 all the trips have this chilling-out impact, with a lot of smile and spontaneous fun, trust me – you can’t be bored!
    Moreover, or rather what’s the most important – Klaudia is the best company to spend time with! People say that only while travelling with someone you can truly get know this person 🙂 and this is the best combination- safety&resourcefulness and relax&open-minded!
    I wish you many others destination with new perspectives!


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