the silence in trentino

There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go.
Maybe Jack Kerouac’s words are not the first ones when someone would think about me. Normally my logorrhea is widely known and it is rather difficult to imagine myself without talking – yet, there are those moments.

Second day of the road trip has started with getting lost in the forest. Although it has been morning, I felt full of energy and was pretty creative with all the stupid subjects one could talk about. After few hours being surrounded by nature and lack of people, I kind of felt like just walking. Looking around and walking. Each of us needs the time to think and focus on our thoughts or the opposite – turn them off. Second day was partially a reset of my mind. Loads of things have been happening in my life in the proceeding weeks and for a moment I just wanted to switch off.

I was always convinced that to do this I have to be on my own. To put on some music on my phone or lie down at the seaside with a book. Not know anyone. Not see anyone. Not to listen to anyone. Focus on myself seemed always being connected with travelling solo. You might be thinking now, how come this topic occurs while writing about the road trip with my Friend? I was surprised myself, but the nature and most importantly a perfect company allows you, maybe even more, to focus on present future, rather than non existing present perfect.

After the hike in Bolzano, we have headed to the car which was parked just in front of the hotel in the Castel Corba. Since the last think I wanted to do is to make Giulia’s beauty – Fiat 500 – stinky I have taken something shower alike outside the car – being sure no one was around. Of course, I was wrong and nearby there were some teenagers looking at me using milion wipes and putting antiperspirant to my shoes with a bit of a disgust. Oh well… why would I care – Lago di Braies was waiting!
The weather forecast unfortunately was not in our favor. Driving there we were kind of praying to make it before the storm. The traffic on the road was also pretty insane. But this allowed us to admire the views outside our windows. Being a bit tired, we have been just singing along some 90s classics and of course, I was sipping my coca cola. The trip seemed at some point endless and I think that was the moment, when I started turning off mentally. I was still there, but seemed like a different zone.

When we have reached the place – it was stunning! The weather was crap, but this didn’t spoil the view. The color of the lake, the Alps that looked literally unreal and as if taken from Winslow Homer’s painting. Or even prettier, as n the end nothing can beat the nature. I stood there and just got silent. Of course, it didn’t mean I started behaving like an adult on holiday – rather like a kid in the lego factory. I was getting crazy, having funny things in my head and… I didn’t think for a second about anything happening in my life. At all. Neither good nor bad things. Just living the moment. Just the way I like it. Maybe if you see the place yourself, you’d understand what I mean. I am sure you would, but I can only give you a weak preview…

Walking around the lake, having interesting conversations, then less normal ones of course… as it would happen between two friends. We have left the place just in time. Just before huge downpour and storm, so we ran to the car – just before I ate two brioche – in case I was about to lose weight (yes, being very ironic here!).

So we reached our hotel in Trento. In the meantime, we also got to know that there is Alpini event there. Of course I had no idea what it was or who they were, but got excited to be part of it. My Friend has started teaching me some of their traditional songs, so I got into the mood. Ah well… so who are Alpini? They are mountain military corps and they have this festivity every year in a different city – next year Milano! Getting hyper about the event I was only thinking about having a shower and leaving, but then.. we have seen our hotel. It was insane! Beautiful, old villa.

The price was surprisingly low and the place stunning. The owner that has welcomed us herself was very friendly, smiling and the service – amazing! After first few words we have exchanged we have been told that the city is completely crowded and crammed and there is no way to eat anything out as everything is booked and Alpini are everywhere! So we were kind of stuck in what to do! No food, no shop, no nothing. Then the owner has told us that actually we will be the only ones in the mansion so… she has prepared us really nice aperitivo with wine and went to her home nearby. Us – after the dinner, glass of wine and coffee – to the city. Obviously I wouldn’t have missed to get some folklore of the place.

You can’t imagine the crowd and mess! People were even having their tents in the areas next to churches! Insane! I loved it though! This is my vibe, mess, people, city life, night and… again people! Smile was all over my face. I don’t know what I was thinking about, but was just trying to grab each moment around. It was very different to those kind of events in Poland, so for me the behavior, the lifestyle and the vibe were new. Some moments very funny, some creepy, but all unforgettable. The highlight of the night – in accordance to the elder generation of Alpini I am 16 years old (or so, don’t remember exactly but definitely was teenage times). How not to love them? Not to mention the first stop – Braulio, typical spirit from the Lombardy area, that is a perfect digestive.


Walking around the city, or trying to see a little bits of it through the crowd, I really felt like it was a good place for me to be at that moment. Maybe I didn’t get the true atmosphere of Trento, but the local experience was there. And my head was so empty that… when we came back, I sat for a while on the sofa, didn’t even finish wine and went straight to bed. Apparantly I started snoring before I even finished saying Buonanotte. Ah… if this was the case every night! My life would have been so much easier!

Morning, really tasty breakfast with soooo good brioche that I can’t even describe it and off we go to Trento. We felt like exploring the city by day as well. When we saw the Alpini stumbling in the street and being surrounded by the overwhelming smell of hangover, we understood it is time to go towards Tremosine. The breathtaking terrace overlooking Garda Lake. To reach the place is not easy, but safe the location in your google maps, as it is a place not to be missed – Terrazza Del Brivido, Via Europa, Pieve, Tremosine, BS. Just remember again, drink red bull and don’t forget your glasses before getting there… the road is… quite intense.

There we were walking in silence for a while. Because of the experience on the road, the views and the height. If you have looked down, you could have seen how small everything there was. Something unbelievable and also makes you think. Feeling so small in such a big world, which is led by nature. As humans we tend to forget about it, but those moments just remind us how irrelevant in a way we are.

Few photos, coffee and we went to reach another point – Vittoriale degli Italiani. The stunning villa of D’Annunzio (author of Primo Vere or La Terra Vergine – not to lie those were the two of his works that I have actually read). Having vague idea of what was his life like, I didn’t expect to see the garden filled with military sculptures, armor and… the military ship in the middle of it! It was a great experience. But also we were tired and I think this made us even more silent. We were walking our own way and were enjoying the place in our own pace with our own thoughts.

On my first day I have actually asked my Friend what would have been her superpower and then shared my idea. Well mine would be very dangerous. I would like to read people’s thoughts. Why? Because I would like to see their real perspective at life and what they really have in their minds. Not to steal anyone’s ideas but to see their real side. But wouldn’t it be better to hear ourselves better first – to see through yourself and have a reset; free of everyday struggle thoughts.
It really doesn’t matter if you are on your own or with your Friends, because if you really feel it then again… sometimes the only thing to do is just go.


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