the flavors of prague

‘Eastern Europe has been really trendy. Prague is the best-preserved city in the region … and the best beer in Europe lands on your table there for 50 cents.’ Rick Steves, American travel writer summed up perfectly Prague. Stunning place. Delicious beer. Budget weekend. However, normally when we think about Prague food is not the first thing that comes up to our mind. So today, I’m gonna prove you that Czech cuisine can be, to your surprise, very interesting and what is more important, satisfy your tastes.

6 things to try in Prague

  1. Guláš – my personal favorite
    Of course – each central european country has their own kind of Goulash. The original one comes from Hungary, however, its czech cusine is definitely the one to remember. Why? First of all, if you are vegetarin skip this part, it contains more meat and less veggies. Secondly, it is less spicy. Thirdly, it includes typical dumplings made of bread, which are dipped in this delicious soup/dish.
    Aren’t you hungry yet?Risultati immagini per Guláš
    Where will you find the best one?Mincovna – if you like it a bit fancier –
    U Magistra Kelly at Hradcany – get the real Czech feeling there –
  2. Knedliky – cause as a polish person, I love anything that could be similar to our dumplings!
    Typically you will find them together with goulash, but.. you can actually have them with marmelade inside! Yummy!
    Risultati immagini per Knedliky
  3. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo – almost impossible to remember the name or to pronounce it for an english speaker, so WRITE IT DOWN!bread dumplings + pork + pickled cabbage
    Can you ask for more? Very typical food, which I’d strongly recommend for winter lunch, rather than late dinner! It will fill you up for few hours, so maybe then consider a glass of wine in the cathedral area to relax and enjoy your time!Risultati immagini per Vepřo-knedlo-zelo
  4. Kulajda – why would anyone recommend a simple soup?
    Maybe cause in the end it is not a simply soup, but a delicious mix of potatoes, mushrooms and dill. Funny enough, this soup used to be my nightmare when I was a kid, but rumor has it that our tastes are changing while we are growing up – does it mean I got older??… Hah definitely not, just smarter with my food choice!I had a really good one here –
    But the best one I’ve tried was one winter at the Xmas market. It became my lunch and dinner the same day… I’m getting hungry only by the thought of it.Risultati immagini per kulajda
  5. Vegetarians will find the Smažený Sýr as a pure paradise for their pallate. Cheese. Fried Cheese. Deep Fried Cheese. When you think it can’t get better – they have added potato salad or fries. Pure love.Risultati immagini per Smažený Sýr
  6. Last but not least – or the best. Yes, I have a lot of ‘the bests’ here – Trdelnik. Again very difficult to pronounce rolled pastry usually topped with sugar, cinnamon or nuts.
    Where will you find the best one – on the street. Do not dare pass it indifferently.Risultati immagini per trdelnik
    What do you need to know?
    Prices in Prague are usually very low, so going even to a fancy restaurant means actually very good quality for reasonable price.
    The best period to try the street food is Xmas to discover little markets with mulled beer and typical grilled sausages or above mentioned goulash. Try to go to Wencelas Square where you should be able to try the local dishes throughout the year!
    Try to discover smaller streets filled with locals and ask them for their recommendations! From my experience, Czech are very friendly and usually speak English pretty well.Other places to recommend:
    U Bile Kuzelky
    U Veverky –
    Pivovarsky Klub

    Comment your experience with Czech cuisine and tell me what was your unforgettable experience!


3 thoughts on “the flavors of prague

    1. Prague is one of my favourite cities! It is a perfect place for a gateaway weekend and to relax, but also to see beautiful sights and try amazing food and beverages!
      Most people speak English and they are quite friendly, although at the first sight can seem cold – as we, slavic people, all do 😉 In reality they are great fun! Let me know in case you want to travel and I will recommend you many places to see! 🙂


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