the trip to the roots

So today I have come back from yoga and ate sushi. You might think that I really became boring and have nothing to write about, but bear with me for few more minutes. This was some kind of breakthrough in my life, as … I do not do yoga and do not eat sushi. You may ask now why the hell is she writing about it now then and why did she do both in the end? Or at least you are asking yourself this question, as this post is, hopefully, gonna be on people that can change the perception of yourself and motivate you and… my latest trip back home. Quite an unusual mix, but that would be all about my last weekend in Poland.

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Since I have moved abroad I have met a lot of people that travel but not a lot that have actually been to Poland or… would like to go there anytime soon. I am not sure why as there are a lot of beautiful places there, the prices are very cheap and cities easily reachable from anywhere in Europe simply by Ryanair. But there is this stereotype I guess that Poland is cold, cities not as impressive as in Western Europe and people are even colder then the weather. Which is kind of true but… I think younger generation is leading to some major changes! Anyway… It is not a country for hot summer holiday, but it is the place for sightseeing and discovering the unknown.

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Coming back to my main thought. In Italy I have been very positively surprised that my new Friends are actually very interested in my culture and origins. In the end for them my life is a complete tabula-rasa. I might not know their families or friends but still can see the environment they grew up in. They don’t have the same luxury with myself, so in the end I could pretend to be anyone I’d like to. I don’t see the point of doing that, but in the end who knows! 😉 Their interest was very strong and sometimes across a lot of jokes and irony we have been talking about my country and Family. There were some things that they felt to be absurd but also, or at least I hope so, that there are interesting, new or worth to listen/know about. Following that I have proposed to come to Poland few months back to two of my Friends from work, and actually not only at work.

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The decision to go was made actually within seconds. The tickets were cheap, city beautiful and long weekend at work filled. So yes – within next few moments the tickets have been booked and on my face there was this kind of childish smile due to the prospect of being home again after 9 months and the mix of my old world with the new surrounding. In reality, that was also the first time I was bringing people that are very close to me to very personal place of mine, so I also have felt pressure – if they gonna like it? How shall I go about the trip? Is my knowledge enough to interest them?  What was even cooler is that we have actually went also to my hometown and had dinner with my Parents and spent the night in my old room! Small thing but for me meant a world!
Having mentioned the dinner with my Mum and Dad. It was the first great highlight of the whole trip of our trio, which was then even extended to the quintet. But coming back to the dinner… My Mum is a bit extrovert, with crazy thoughts, strong personality and very vocal opinions. She is the one you can steal horses with (as we say in Poland meaning it is a great company for everything!) but also.. you can be scared as she is always straight to the point and doesn’t waste time for pretending to like something or someone. Clearly I can tell that she has loved girls. To the point that while saying goodbye, she has actually forgotten to say goodbye to me. She was so happy to meet girls and have them around that she has actually forgotten that… I am leaving back to Italy as well. Or maybe got used to our goodbyes. In any case, it was super funny situation!! But coming back to the change of habits, I will finally explain why those two stories or elements are very much linked to each other.

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During the dinner both of my Friends were very interested in polish culture, our traditions, language, funny stories… everything and of course you could have tell that it was a real interest. Not type of the… OMG I am here so least I can do is pretend to listen and pay attention. Moreover, I think they may have discovered and remembered even more than I wish them to! Ahh my Parents have sold them few quite good phrases or stories on me… 🙂 You can always count on them in case! Despite, or maybe thanks to, the fact it was something completely new I have seen that they were really getting into details and trying to recognize or compare that world to myself from their world, my stories and eventually, as I believe so, to their own houses. In the end our cultures are different, so it works both way. I was and still am discovering the Italian style!

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The next day we have been walking around Kraków and visited Wieliczka Salt Mine. I have done my best to remember by heart some stories on sights, legends, but I have failed few times, so thank god for my pretty good imagination. I hope they still remember the legend on the Dragon of Wawel! 😀 I was recommending new places, new food and… I have realized that even despite considering myself as very open person, I am probably much more difficult to be motivated to change or to try something new. At least when it comes to my habits. This weekend, both of them have trusted me completely in anything I have recommended or suggested, so well… this is something I should have learnt. They have been convincing me to do so many things and for some I have said YES straight, for some with time and for some I have failed. Of course it is easier to change your mindset for a weekend rather than lifetime, but still… in the end leading the same lifestyle and habits forever must be boring and doesn’t allow us to taste the life in its full colors.

So I have made my notes – things they have been convincing me… yoga, gym, sushi, speak italian.

Game is on girls…

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