the crazy one – barcelona

I am being spontaneous, crazy and unpredictable, but my Friends despite knowing that will always perceive me as the responsible one. Because I can take care of myself and I guess I am there for them when they need me. Or I want to believe that they think so. In any case, only while travelling with me you can discover the real side of my twisted personality and the special skill of being a magnet to all of the weird/funny/ridiculous situations that could happen to me. While solo travelling it is not easy to describe everything as people will think I exaggerate, but this time I have some witnesses. And despite being in Barcelona in three (soon a post about it), all the crazy stuff happened after those words – ‘Sangu, trust me!’.

Sangu, one of my best Friends living in Milan has made probably not well-thought decision to go to Barcelona and let me organize the trip. Everything was settled. Itinerary, flights, luggage packed… let’s go for the adventure! We have entered the plane and she realized that I am really scared of flying. So taking off – despite a solid glass of wine at the airport – was ‘a bit’ intense. She was laughing but at the same time supported me in my craziness. This is how you recognize a real friend!!

So after a bit bumpy landing with the weird sounds coming from wheels (as if the pilot has used manual lever to open the chassis), we have reached the ground and I could have breathed normally again. Or even better as… Spain… here we are!!!! We rushed to the hotel to meet Lianne, who was travelling from UK and we have met through this blog actually – but this is for another long story! – so we reached the hotel and two of us went out. After 15 min of looking for some pub, we have chosen the one opened the longest as it was already way after 1 a.m. but we had no time to lose and we wanted to taste a bit of Spanish nightlife! So there we are… first ‘Sangu, trust me.’ slips from my mouth. We were trying to come back but no taxi was around and despite me speaking fluently at the bar Spanish – god knows how?! – I was reluctant to call for a cab. So we were walking. With 15% on one phone and much less on the other. I have learnt that I couldn’t trust google maps with my life. That is for sure! 1 hour of walking around and not finding our hotel which was initially 15 minutes away! We passed the same Arch of Liberty 3 times. But we did not give up. I said to trust me… and we found it! Exhausted but laughing to tears. Cause… from the start of course I knew what I was doing (or not!).

After 3 hours of sleep we have left to discover the city. Sagrada Familia and the fulfillment of my dream – Museo di Salvador Dali were the highlights of the day and we have taken the best out of it. Running back to the train station with paella in our hands might not have been the best idea but… worth it! Then the shower and exploring the La Rambla and Gothic part at night.

How many times did I say I fell in love with Spain? Well, here I am again – #INLOVE standing at the edge of the harbor and hoping to live there one day or at least have a summer house somewhere at the seaside.

With those thoughts in my head and being struck by the beauty of Spanish chicos around, while drinking coffee I was woken up by the street guitar player. Yes, he sang ‘Sex bomb’ by Tom Jones for us. Not very good, so we couldn’t stop the burst of laughter! Of course, who laughed first? (Pointing the finger at myself). So I have decided to be nice to this poor guy and gave him few euros asking – please, could you not sing again? Girls thought they will die from laughter, but what is worst he has decided to sing a little part of another weird serenade and then leave. I was literally crying there… couldn’t stop for good few minutes! Anyway.. it was very calm and relaxing evening. Me and Sangu did not know that the next night – leaving one – was supposed to be full of adventures.

So yes… Sunday, not to go into details now, I woke up earlier went to a museum and then we met in the city. It was raining a lot but we still have managed to have great time and see a big part of this splendid city. After merenda unfortunately, the two of us had to be coming back to the flat. Last goodbyes and … back home 😦

Somehow we have made it to reach the airport with no surprises or adventures. Our plane was supposed to depart at 20.50. Now imagine our faces when we realized it was departing at 22.50 as there was delay. We had almost 4 hours ahead! I don’t want to count how many sangrias we could have had in that time on Plaça Reial!

After trusting me in finding the way back from the toilet – I failed again, but at least I have admitted it after 15 minutes of walkig towards the dead end (another #trustme story), we went shopping the grab some food. I have ordered first and then when my Friend was buying her food, from boredom, I have reached out my phone and checked the vueling (airlines) app. What I saw…. our flight was departing at 21.35!!! It was 21.05!!!!!!!! Damn it! Started to sweat in a second. Sangu came back. Saw my face and I was only like… Sangu, we need to leave. Now!

I run to check the board and it was right. I checked the gate number B29 came back to our food and suitcases and… instead of doing anything I grabbed few french fries. Stood still and said.. just trust me. I take my french fries, you take yours and run!

So we run to B29. To our surprise it was empty. I was already partially happy hoping that our plane is gone and we have to stay longer. But.. it still seemed weird. No notice… nothing. So I run to the board. Again. Oops… it was B39!!! How blind one can be! ‘RUN!!!’. So we reached our queue… thank god not as last ones. We have started to talk and also organize how to pick up the car at the airport etc. As I left it for the first time at the cheap but in the middle of nowhere car park. So we needed a transfer. I took out the card and… it was all wet, so while I was taking it out I did a huge hole just in the middle of a bar code… thank god not the number to the place though! So trusting me with the car was not the best idea either…why was it wet? Cause I said that it would be the great idea to keep both umbrellas in one bag – mine – together, so it wouldn’t make everything wet… just my car ticket and PASSPORT that were in the same pocket #welldone.

Ok. We have landed. Finally! Out of the airport. I called this sad van to pick us up and we were waiting with other people. Then we hear ‘Klaudia!’. Yes, that’s us!! Smiling like two little babies (it was midnight!) we ran to the minibus and I said my surname. The guy confirmed, so we packed our stuff and went to sit inside. Just in case, I showed the ticket… the face of driver said it all. Do not trust me. It is not our transfer. So we patiently left the car just to discover few minutes later that the guy was waiting for Claudio, so two guys not two girls…

Anyway, we finally made it to the car park and despite not very good karaoke session which made us realize we can flawlessly sing only two lines from any song, we have reached our homes. With lots of funny storied and this one sentence in our head ‘… trust me’.

So if you ever think about travelling with me, I do recommend to read this post twice. Or more 😉



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