the partner in travel – innsbruck

‘You have never seen the snow????’ That was my quite recent reaction when I have heard that one of my Friends have actually never seen/touched or played with snow. Of course after first shock, I have actually realized that it is quite normal if you don’t come from the colder country and maybe I am a weirdo, cause I have never experienced the heat of 50 degrees. So after having shaken from the shock I knew I have to organize a trip in the search of snow. Of course, living in the North of Italy gives a lot of possibilities to see the snow and also there was a long weekend, so the planning was pretty easy. Now, gathering the group, confirming the place and… there we go Innsbruck!

Why Innsbruck? Because there are Alps, a lot of snow and CABLE CARS. All of my Friends know that I am a sucker for cable cars. I simply love them! The view, the ride – I love everything about them. Even if I am super scared of heights, I will still always go for it! Moreover, there is a Svarovski Crystal World exibition just next to Innsbruck, so basically everything that a real woman needs!

I could talk about all of the trips we have made, things we have seen and the advetures we have had, but this you will see on the photos below. What was more important to me was the group we have formed out of the people, I would say from completely different places, at different life stages and actually even living in different countries. There was four of us. Two girls and two guys. It is worth to mention that on of us was coming straight from Austria, so literally, we have had no idea how we are going to get along.

I took kind of responsibility to organize the trip. Like car/accomodation/what to see/prices etc. I have done it in the past and this is the part I am really enjoying. Like if any of you needs a company for a trip or doesn’t know how to organize some things and need some tips – let me know! 😉 Anyway, so organizing everything was fun, but I was also very afraid of what if the rest will not like it or something will go wrong. In the end we are not able to plan everything and there will always be something that will not go well. Surprisingly – this time everything seemed perfect! (At least for me;) )

We have had few funny stories, which just brought us together. This only proves that a group of people that don’t each other well, but is same open minded and ready for adventure will be a great match for a trip. (Actually we are currently planning another trip together with our New Addition – are you ready for crazy adventure?!). We have made a great time and we could have worked together, but at the same time everyone had their own space. I think all of us are big individuals and sometimes a bit of silence is very important. What is normally difficult about travelling with family, friends etc.? Different needs. I guess we all have to make it clear from the start what we want to do as a group and that we are not chained to each other. Meaning that if you want to do something else, we can just split. Not everyone understands it and tries to always stick together even if clearly some things are not their interest and vice versa. I believe that we all cross half of the continent not to do what others want but what is our aim and goal to do or see. Like, come on.. if you don’t like art, why would you spend 2 hours in a gallery with me? Isn’t it better to split and then meet up after 2 hours for a drink and discuss what we have done and share some photos etc.?

What is the ideal person for travel together? Wake up, guys… they don’t exist! In the group we will always have the photographer, the ‘let’s get the party started’ type and the GPS one and so on… They will all have different plans, but… altogether are able to build up a great team. Just please … share what you want rather than blindly stick to the group. You’ve paid for the trip yourself. Really don’t waste your time and money 😉
That’s why I sometimes can find it hard to travel with others as sometimes at the end I can see that it is not what they hoped for. A bit too late though. One can tell – yeah… then solo travelling is the best. And as much as I love this concept, I strongly believe that sharing experiences with others is same cool as long as good communication is involved and the ‘chains’ are broken.

I have my head in the game now for Barcelona. In the end I will find the world of my favourite artist Salvador Dali there. Moving for a while into his mind will be a great adventure and experience.

Things I have learnt in Innsbruck:

  • put on the chains on wheels
  • how to spell passe partout – looong story
  • how i love short trips and that i got some new really great Friends
  • you do 360km in 16 hours during long weekend in Italy

Thank you Innsbruck…


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