the new way – couchsurfing

I have never used actively Couchsurfing. Actually I have learnt the CS abbreviation just recently through my friends and created a big disbelief by not using it while being an expat.

I have hosted three girls by now in my place and showed them around, but it was more of a conicidence than being on the app + we set up everything through whatsapp or phone, so actually I didn’t even log in too much.

Why? Because in the place I live there doesn’t seem to be a very big community or active people. So in the end, you switch it off as nothing is happening. For staying at someone’s place – I am still more into having a flat on my own through airbnb and just enjoy my own time the way I want without looking at others. Yes, I am being very the only child type now. In the end – I am one. So yes, I have never used the hangouts part of it. I had actually no idea that there was anyone that uses it! This seems to be as usual as Tinder though, which was very eyes-opening for me! I am sometimes really old-school or ignorant with the social media novelties.

Anyway, on 25th I was a bit bored. Normally I would hang out in some bar with expats or students, but can you imagine those places being full on Xmas? Clearly they were not. So in the heat of the moment – I have opened the hangouts and put online for a drink. Within 5 minutes, there was a group created to go out for a beer. 2 spanish guys, 1 spanish girl and 1…. POLISH girl. I was super happy to have met all of them, but my closest sentiment and my heart beat was faster while I have heard a word in my mother tongue. We have met in a tapas bar for a drink and a talk. Okey.. well it wasn’t easy from the start, as it took us like 30min to find and recognize each other, but we have made it!

I connected immidiately with my compatriot, but also other people were awesome and had great stories to tell. I had the feeling that I have known them since forever. Maybe it was only myself being very excited and they didn’t feel it – in any case, I was very amused! In those moments I always realize how different people are in different ages and nowadays how much they achieve in their lives within a very young age. I love determined people with passion and they all had this X-factor. Listening to their stories, description of places they lived in and the future goals, that I am sure will be achieved soon just made me think how small I was. It motivates me as hell and gives me a kick to move forward which I clearly needed those days, as I was going too much into my beloved not giving a f*ck direction. It’s also good to see that there are people out there that have a bit twisted view at the reality and you are not the only one not being able to sit in one place as sometimes I feel like this freak lost in the moment or a place 😉 Like in the past year, I have changed a lot in my life, but did I actually achieve anything on my personal development part? In kind of discovering my spirit? Not sure. I’ve definitely further developed my general interest in art and music, but I don’t feel like I’ve done much to explore it more or to set any goals or expectations towards myself here. Well, got the plan for 2018. Though I hate planning.

In any case, 5 random people ended up chilling all night together, talking, laughing, drinking, dancing and curing hangover (unfortunately, couchsurfing does not cure this miracolously as well! Though it would have been a great addition…-.-). The next day we have also had a girls night sipping wine and celebrating the new tattoo, which will always remind me about the people I have met and the places I have visited that moment.

Summing up, many of my friends ask me how do I normally meet so many people from different places … I am adding another place to my standard answer – couchsurfing. Hopefully, more popular in my area or the future places I’d like to visit.


so anyway … what happens in Granada will stay with me forever thanks to places (-> Another Perspective post) but most importandly to People. hah… in a way – thank you Casey Fenton 😉


Let’s see if we ever meet through this app in the future…


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