How to meet new people?

Imagine – 22nd December. Everyone in a hurry to do groceries, last shopping for Xmas. Some random girl calls you on the doorbell with panic in her eyes. Car keys in the hand. The word ‘help me’ written clearly on the forehead and says … ‘I locked my door to the flat. The keys are inside. The phone is inside. The door shuts itself so can’t open it.’

Is this how you should meet your neighbours? Probably not. But let’s move further… the neighbour and the son were very friendly. Helped a lot but… no locksmith was available due to Xmas. So they called…. firemen. After 1 hour spent in their flat. Fire brigade (literally brigade) comes over. 5 men. They open the door with no problem. The face of the girl – astonished, slowly starting to believe in magic and unnatural power. David Copperfield of Como. Well no. The door wasn’t locked. It was lack of muscle to open the door that had this additional security in order not to open too easily. 5 firemen. Two neighbours. And a blond girl. Of course that girl was ME.

Why do I mention such an embarassing story from less than a week ago now? First of all so you can laugh. Second to answer on how am i meeting so many different people and why do i want to keep in touch.

So I went to Spain…

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