the middle place

How does it feel to be in your ‘middle’ place? Since I moved out it was already four and a half months. Not much. I agree. However, it seems like forever. I will say it again – thanks to the great surrounding, my hard work to organize life pretty quickly and my luck. Since this is my third country to live in, I was wondering how would it be to be back in my ‘second’ home (?). The time has come…

I am back at the Heathrow & the familar smell of dumpness hit my nostrils again.

It felt weird. Weirdly good and just weird. Inside I felt some kind of calmness. I was in the place well known to me. Something that was my world for over two years. Culture. People. Nature. City. Rush. The language used around was familiar. I even heard some polish people talking. I felt closer to my Friends. Saw few familiar brands. Typical English pubs. British people in shorts in 10Β° C. Girls full of makeup. Any age range sitting in the pub laughing with their mates. The same grey sky that almost never changes. A bit of a light wind and a chill on your face.

It didn’t feel like home though. Felt like something inbetween. Inbetween Poland and Italy. Like a short passage I did in order to find my place. Something that is needed but doesn’t seem like a real thing.

After getting to the hotel and realizing – I am back home tomorrow! – I was back to normal. Good to see some familiar faces from the past but feels even better to be back in present – Italy.

Now sitting on the plane, I am realizing one very typical thing for expats…

It is not due to the time, you start calling a place your Home. You either feel it from the start or you just move forward.


4 thoughts on “the middle place

    1. Hi Alisa! Thank you very much for your words! It really means a lot and I am very happy you can relate to my adventures. I will definitely go through your posts over the weekend and we will be in touch πŸ™‚ I am extremely happy that blog allows me to meet such great and open-minded people. I used to live in Nottingham, so we were not that far away from each other! If you ever are in Italy – LET ME KNOW! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your evening and speak soon! πŸ™‚ Kla

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