the sweet italian life

So far from home – Too high to know – Are you really there – Or is it just they told me so

Sometimes I ask myself a question – how the heck I made it all the way to Italy? It can’t be only hard work, but it is definitely not purely luck. Was it always easy? Hell no! My way to Dolce Vita had a bit of turbulences, some pebbly roads and spiky nets to went through. I was a bit off those days – not because of bad mood or something in particular happened in my life, but after 4 months in a new place, I have realized that I have again reached the point where I have to settle. Stop being a tourist, but to make this place my home and to organize my life. Probably you have already realized that this is not the easiest thing for me, but actually for the first time this seems right for me (believe it or not I have changed houses 12 times in the last 8 years). Constant Traveller’s Mood is good, but.. to some extent. Then I need to also have my own place. My own ‘palazzo’.

Why is it different this time? Probably thanks to the people I have met. I was always lucky and had great Friends and colleagues around, however, for the first time I can literally feel the motivation and constant having my ass kicked in order to move forward. What is the best about it is that they do it naturally. Possibly they don’t know what a great impact they have on my life now. Well… if they read this post, they will finally realize. Maybe I should be less Polish here and simply share what I think more openly? This is another story.

Few weeks back, one of my friends here asked me what has changed in my life after the move. Surprisingly, that was one of the most difficult questions. Because at that stage, I thought that probably only the place around me, the job, the culture has been different. How wrong I was? Completely wrong. As extremely stubborn person, I would have never thought how I could have changed in 4 months. All thanks to the #ladolcevita.

First of all, I have started to listen to others. I always liked having those two or three people I look up to and to follow them, but now it seems stronger and I strive for it. It is not because I have suddenly stopped being confident or lost my energy. It is because I really feel that they care and they put themselves in my situation. When seeing me down, they will always cheer me up – usually by saying something super ridicolous in Polish or provide me with some ‘literal’ meanings of some ‘unliteral’ words. In any case – both is working. What has also changed is that for the first time, I am not trying to influence what is happening around me or people’s action. I am surprised myself how I am accepting the reality and I don’t fight it. Seems I am weaker? I think smarter.

Still remaining a spontaneous soul, I have recently went out to Milan to meet other expats living in Italy. I made the decisions within 5 minutes to meet completely unknown to me people and basically I didn’t know anything about them. My friends of course were a bit worried, but they know me. I am crazy but within limits (or not?). The first feeling I had when I met them was – great sense of humor! Extremely ironic and with no boundaries. This is what I like! During the conversation, I have also realized how creative they are, and also how similar experiences we have. Seems they have had the similar feeling with me as they have invited me to join their Team of the Cool Kids Club in Milan and now I am organizing the coolest group of expats in Milano along with them. Gives a kick. Gives motivation. Gives energy. The coolest thing about is that they really treat it seriously and I am learning so much from them, but at the same time I really feel like we get along well and this has a very good basis for a long-term friendship. What brought us closer is what took us further from our Friends from our countries – the will to discover and the need to move around. Getting to know new people. Organizing events. Creating social media. That will take my nights in the next months and I can’t wait for that!

I would have lied if I have said that I don’t strive still for new experiences, places, people. I am travelling a lot around and I am still not scared to go somewhere on my own. This allows me to discover my new world. I love it trip by trip more. Again thanks to marvellous views, cities but… above all… people. Recently I have gone for a trip to Bologna. Booked a hostel for a change. To meet new people and check out how hostels have changed since last time I went to one (few years back on my road trip to Benelux). First moments – a bit dissapointing. One extremely boring guy that didn’t even say Hi back and another one who didn’t even notice me in the common area. Yaaay! I rushed out immidiately. The last thing I wanted to do is to try to make any contact with such friendly people. So I went out. Surprisingly I haven’t met much people this time, but I also didn’t try myself to make any contact. After the disappointment in the first hour, I thought that I can’t be bothered.

Bologna is beautiful. The atmosphere, old buildings, history and… students. I think I am still a student inside. Definitely didn’t grow up yet and I am not even closer. When people ask me how old I am, I simply tend to be surprised myself, that I am over 22! 😀 After 25km of walking I went back to the hostel in the late evening. Hoping not to meet those two intersting guys and have my peace in bed to fall asleep. I opened the door and saw 3 girls from Germany. First sentence – exchange of names. Second – inviting me for a night out with them. YES! I was extremely tired, but put my grip together, shower, super elegant outfit (vans shoes and t-shirt) and yes, I am ready for a night out! When I met them in the city, it appeared that they have already met italian group of students, which didn’t surprise me as in Italy it would have been unusual not to meet anyone. This time though, I had a really good feeling about them from the first sight. A bit of craziness mixed with seriousness and ‘not giving a f*ck’ (my personal favourite!) approach. 10 minutes with them and I already found a common ground. And again irony was in the air! Really open and easy going, therefore, we have finished the night actually in the morning, going through the most random topics that were surprisingly sophisticated considering the time and.. % (americano! 😉 ) I must admit, I have learnt quite a few things from them. and have noticed the interest of experiencing new things. Same feeling I have day by day, but maybe in different areas. What I have noticed though is that… they almost did not use their phones while showing us around. How badly I am addicted to the social media? Especially now while having the new project open? EXTREMELY. The girls I met in the hostel were also really fun and they remind myself from the Uni. Full of energy, brave and open for new experience. Ahh wait… this hasn’t changed at all, but I am happy to see that there are more crazy girls around as I know how happy and achieved they will feel in few years time!

So what is my plan for the next months? Settle? Yes. In my own weird way, namely:

  • every weekend new city or new place in the city
  • stay active
  • … not sleep.

Hope to see you all in the Cool Kids Club! ->>> or find us on FB!

A presto!


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  1. I really liked the video that beautifully compliments the details that you shared in the post. It’s always a joy to go through your posts good luck with your next month’s plan 🙂

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