the solo-travelling

Sometimes being on your own brings the best ideas to you. Very often you start seeing things you haven’t noticed before or maybe you even avoided seeing. Of course, there will be times that you will simply get bored, but in the end if you get bored with yourself, then maybe there is something wrong that needs to be fixed? πŸ˜‰

Time to check if we like ourselves! πŸ˜‰

I love people and I love being around them. I like listening to new stories, but also sharing my experiences or thoughts. What I also love though is my own peace. Being on my own and from time to time just dissapear in my own world. Going somewhere and just being with myself. So once in a while I just make a solo trip. Some time ago I have booked tickets to Budapest and Bratislava (in the end I only ended up in the first capital as it was so beautiful I really did not want to leave!). I have asked my friends if they want to join, but no one actually could, so I said – this is the time again! Some of them told me that I am crazy to travel on my own, I will get bored, won’t do anything in the evening, no nightlife etc. etc. How wrong they were! In the end, it wasn’t also my first solo trip, so I knew how to get ready.

So off I go. Tickets in my hand (OK, in my phone), passport, backpack and lots of positive vibes of excitment! I am ready! Until I realized I have forgotten half of cosmetics and a charger for a camera. So in the end I had almost no make up look and a lot of hope for my camera’s battery (thank god fully charged)! I need to work on my packing abilities. It is still crawling, despite numerous moves in my life …


But ok.. I am in Budapest!!! The weather was amazing. View from my hotel – breathtaking, although I did not spend much time there. I took the shower after quite long trip and went to explore. Not only the city, but the culture, the atmosphere and the people. Because this is something that always brings most of my attention. The variety of culture, habits and looks. Where the fashion mixes with cultural elements and different stages of life, there I find a lot of magic. The exploring made my nights sleepless and mornings very early. Coming back at 1 a.m. leaving at 9 a.m. with full smile and no mark of tiredness!

Parliament in Budapest captured from the cruise trip on Danube River with – beautiful views and great audio guide

What I have noticed this time was significantly increased number of people exploring the city on their own. With the map, phone and a backpack. Just moving in front of them in their own pace and simply taking a break from the ‘normal’ life. I started wondering why solo-travelling is more and more popular; at the same time asking myself a question, why I actually enjoy it so much and have this need of on my own time. The most important and first thing that came to my mind was getting a distance. The distance from everything. One could say to distance yourself from problems, but I don’t think this is the only reason. You also need to look at your life from another perspective to check if by the rush you are not missing some opportunities or if there is anything that you could do better. Or simply to chill from overthinking – which is also very often the case which overwhelmes a lot of us. It does happen to me for sure. It also gives a scope to realize how much we’ve already achieved and open for new adventures ahead.

still scared of flying …

Experiencing everything only with my own eyes is completely different than doing it partially with our travel partner’s eyes. In the end you only share your comments with yourself. I stop wherever I want to and focus on looking at the world with my own eyes only. I see it as I want to and grab every second of it. I am always really happy for every next second that is in front of me and with the thrill, I am looking forward to it!


Alicante – also one of my solo-travelling destinations in the past

Being completely dependent.. from yourself! You need to plan everything or decide to go with the flow and not have any structured plan. This time I had the idea what to do. The second hour of the trip I have changed everything as I have felt that I need something else from the trip. With the map in my hand, I was walking around, discovering every corner of the city – in completely different order than anticipated. It worked really well though! When you are alone, what is also really good is that the public transport trip with 4 stops and changes does not make any problem anymore. You know you need to do it, you have your goal – so you just do it! I treat those moments as a great adventure and a way to talk to locals! Admit it – how many times you were discussing something with your trip partner. You have decided to go with your idea to go to one place, despite the fact that your partner originally did not want to. OK, you agreed to stick to your idea together, but inside haven’t you had this feeling as if you did something wrong by convicing to your plan or that maybe the other person is upset? Of course, you can talk the whole topic through 10 times, but the feeling is there. This is the nature of the human – which does not happen when you are on your own.


Realizing that I actually feel comfortable with myself. I can go to the restaurant and have a meal or drink on my own and not having my nose in the phone. I can just look at the street and observe what is happening there, read a book or focus on the local dishes which are always my favourite part of the trip!

Ruszwurm Cream Cake – love at a first bite bringing memories from Poland ❀

I can’t see myself being on my own that long back at the uni. Now I can’t imagine not having this time at least few times a year! Very important lesson is also to ask for help. I am the kind of the person that has always had problems with that. When you travel on your own, I am sorry to admit it, you will always find yourself in the situation, you have to ask for support. Definitely help is also needed after all the selfie fails I had…


Last observation was connected with the kindness I have experienced from others. I am no longer seen as an alien when I ask for a table for one, but actually people are very helpful, nice and start conversations, ask questions, provide some pieces of advice, introduces to others. Despite being on my own, I have always felt support coming from different sides. This brings me a lot of believe in people’s kind nature.

To sum up I can tell that I have discovered a new way of travelling and I will continue to do so – I am already planning some weekend gateaway shortly. During the times on the bench I have made some notes, I’d like to share at some points with you, some things I haven’t normally noticed in my quite fast pace life, but to be continued…


9 thoughts on “the solo-travelling

  1. Truly a magnificent post, the meaningful thoughts were decorated with mesmerizing pictures. If you ever plan a solo travel trip sometime just want you to know that you’ll be always welcomed to come explore my country India. May your blog continue to bloom in it’s prime! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them πŸ™‚
    Warm Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad to know that you think of my country so highly, let me know when are coming I’ll be there to welcome you rolling down the red carpet for you lol & thanks for respecting my invitation feel free to explore any of my posts whenever you feel like πŸ™‚

        Warm Regards,


  2. As everything, solo traveling have pluses and minuses and probably the best things in solo traveling are possibilities. You can go where you want, when you want and for how long you want. Traveling with companion and solo traveling are two different things, but I’m not about to say which one is better, because it’s all depends from personal preferences. However, when you are traveling with companion, make sure it’s right person.

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    1. I love both cases and actually in two days I will be travelling with two of my best Friends. I completely agree… you need to choose your companions wisely. Otherwise the trip to paradise can end up as a nightmare! As you said, those are two different things and that is why I do believe it is also important to discover ‘solo travelling’ in order to discover yourself in the unknown situations. Also… to enjoy the freedom! Have a good night and thank you for your time to go through the blog!


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