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I was back in Poland recently. For a week. Just to hang out with Family and Friends. Walk around my city and visit some places I haven’t been to for a while. I like coming back, because surprisingly, this is the only place where I can actually ‘un-attach’ myself from my current life and look at life from another perspective. 

What stroke me this time were actually my Friends’ observations about myself. It was funny, but at the same time slightly surprising! The comment I want to share with you was ‘You are not Polish. You are way too positive.’ I guess you know who I am talking about! Am I positive person? Yes, but I worked hard on becoming one. It took me years to get there and to focus on good things. I don’t complain too much and if I do, I try to make it in the funny way. If something bad happens in my life, I erase it pretty quickly from my memory (like a blackout!) and when people ask me how am I doing, I always reply with the smile; and I smile for real. Because our lives are way too short to be miserable and just to talk about problems. In the end we all have them, but we also all have to handle them, so we already think enough about it.

As a proper linguist deep inside, I love looking for new words. I find those blogs, pinterest etc. just to have a new word that would ever closer describe how I feel. Which to be fair is not easy, as I very often have so many mixed feelings inside, that I don’t know myself what I am actually feeling (mixed but not shaken ;)). And ‘words…. don’t come easy to me.’ 😉 Sometimes creating my own words, but then it is usually closely connected with just revealing my real silly side/moments! Admit it – have you never had a moment when you really struggled to find a word to describe your inner feeling at that time? I had it plenty of times (despite the fact that I talk a lot, I can be made speechless from time to time), so today’s post is about the most interesting words I have come across by now and on how the word can affect your mood, motivate and just make you smile or even happy! Is it naïve? Potentially yes, but who said being sometimes naïve is a bad thing? 😉 (I feel like I am repeating myself!)


– the cozy feeling you get when you’re enjoying the good things in life with friends

OMG – I missed one single word for this so badly and there it is! Now my best friends will only hear this word and since I have clearly no idea how to pronounce it, I will discover my personal way to do it. Girls – HYGGE in 4 weeks’ time!


– the joy of being able to say ‘to hell with it’

Do you remember #hntgaf post? This is just a perfect finish missing to that! Strikehedonia – my personal favorite. 


– the ability of being alone and to do what you want

I love the word because a) it is German b) it is about being free c) shows that sometimes being alone is not bad d) doing what I want. Simply beautiful on so many levels.


– a place where one feels safe, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn

Actually, as I started this post. I have just recently revealed such place for myself. Does it mean I want to be in that place all the time? No. This is just another ‘timeline’ one needs to have in order to look with an objective eye on the surroundings.


– someone who strolls aimlessly but enjoyable, observing life and their surroundings

Because life is simply about observing and gaining from that.


– the contented happy state you feel when you travel

You can be happy cause you passed exam, when you got new pair of jeans or won a competition. Is this happiness compared to the one when you travel? For me not. Now I can use another word for that. Next step – research on the origin. 


– too great to be expressed in words

F – word…. Oopsie! 


– idyllically innocent, simple and untroubled by fear or worry

Everyone should be arcadian way more often those days…


– the restless race of a traveller’s heart before the journey begins; the tangled feeling of fear and excitement before a journey begins

Nothing to add! <3


– the intense desire of freedom

Freedom of mind. Freedom of body. Freedom of thought.


– imaginary land of luxury and idleness

Sounds a bit like …. 😉 

I hope that spreading those words will also spread smiles on the faces and they will be used more often. Or at least more people will focus on their meanings in their lives.


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