the second move

The famous Britney’s words are flying in my head in the past weeks. What did I do this time? Β I took a bit of a swerve (or as my new friends would have said ‘curva’ πŸ˜‰ ) and just took a different path in my life. I got this chance to move to another place – sunnier, beautiful nature, and most importantly with always smiling and helpful people. Delicious food, mesmerizing lakes and mountains, peaceful rhythm of life and the time to notice and glorify the smallest things in life. Smile and simple ‘ciao’ everywhere and from everyone. You don’t know each other, but a simple hello is just so natural. Fresh fruit, vegetables and small markets in every corner with the must – Gelato. That’s right – Italy, you got me. #loveitaly

This is my second major move and second major decision. It has been easier thanks to many factors, but also the people that I met just made it so simple to me and natural. My Family and Friends were checking on me every day and were so surprised that I was just calm but also have been calm themselves as I was telling them how well I am actually taken care of here this time. Despite that though, there are always things that are challenging but also the ones that motivate me to further changes. Smaller or bigger, with the move even the tiniest thing becomes a huge achievement as we are always busy with settling and organizing our lives, but also few changes at the same time sometimes feel impossible but yet… βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”

As I am a fool for listings, I have been doing a small list of the things that I actually see have changed in my life, myself or how different surrounding is having an impact on my daily… let’s say behaviours.

1. The new ‘will’ to move.

Sometimes, or in my case always, when I settle and I don’t feel 100% good in the place (and I kind of moved out when I was 18, so I know what I am on about πŸ˜…), I just get lazy. Lazy about stuff around me, lazy about myself. Yet, I am not saying that I end up on the coach with a glass of wine, but I also don’t give everything from myself in my personal environment and I just live boring life (as for me boring = no plans for the weekend, evening or every single minute of the day).

So what I have discovered is that again I wake up every day and I just want to do things. It doesn’t matter what. I can go hiking, to the gym, walk in the city or go sightseeing and exploring cities nearby, have a drink with friends or dinner on my own. I just want to do something. Again – I barely sleep, so it includes also walks in the late evening and the views here are just breathtaking. I sometimes just sit at the bench and stare in front of me. People can think I am a bit strange or start preparing the straightjacket for me, but do I care what others think? No, so I keep on starring. #carpenoctem

So, my Friends, to share with you. Me – the laziest ass in this planet, have actually started going to the gym, hiking on my own and… most surprisingly I do it with pleasure and I like it! I have some motivators here as well, probably without them, I wouldn’t even start thinking about putting on my sneakers, but nevertheless, now I even pack my stuff for the gym with a smile. Yes… even my Parents do not believe it until today, so I have to send them updates from the gym.

2. The will to explore.

No, I won’t devote another passage to the sightseeing and moving. What I mean by explore here is to go deeper with my interests, that have been always there, but kind of dissapeared in the past months or I was just not that motivated to look into them and check what has changed. Since the move I devote every single spare minute (and I don’t have a lot currently) to reading and collecting news about fashion, about my icons, any updates with #mafia? ;), street art, photography, music and really need to go back to that thought of playing an instrument. I really think that me being a tiny part of music or music being a huge part of my life is a bit missed and needs to be woken up again. I realized that I am so interested in those topics and have so much to discover still there. I am already planning few trips just to focus on those topics and also I have a lot of people to talk about those on and on as yes.. I can talk for hours if I feel connection with somone and I am passionate about the topic. I can also listen… I think πŸ˜…

3. The will to build.

Not literally… obviously πŸ˜‰ but to build the space around me. To focus on what’s important and what I can easily get rid of. What I like and what describes myself and what is just the irrelevant rubbish taking the space. I like minimalism. I didn’t even use to like any colours except for black. The spaces around me need to be clean and reveal what’s inside of me. Now I have another chance to put it all out. I have always loved decorating and designing, so I am just loving every minute of it. Especially living on my own is giving me the full possibility to go crazy. Well, not too crazy but complete Klaudia’s style (which can be arguable – if good or not, but as the wise man said – you don’t argue on the taste!).

For now, I have only built my muscles while moving the staff from the temporary flat to the new one… how I hate packing! I swear to stay in this flat until the contract expires – no matter what! βœ‹βœŠ

4. The will to share the experience.

I am so lucky, as I have actually moved out to the new place at the same time when one of my Friends ( And yes, the type of the move is different, the aim is different, but the initial reason remains the same. To find a place for ourselves and in Emily’s case for her little Beauty πŸ’ž Sharing our daily experiences and even smallest events from our lives gives me a kick and is a great moment of the day. As I know, that we are in the same place. Also, I remember about my two constant Polish ‘ass kickers’ that push me to go forward all the time and I don’t know what I would have done without whatsapp, as I wouldn’t be able to write a letter every 5 min! And I do tend to have stupid ideas, but I am so lucky to have them to support those ideas and make my life simply… more interesting.

5. The will to smile.

I have always tried to smile a lot, even if I didn’t particularly felt like smiling, but I believe that this is very important element of our lives and make them just easier. I tried to do so to everyone. Sometime probably looking a bit creepy on the street. In here.. I wake up and the smile is just there. On my face. Despite the weather. The traffic. The rude lady in the townhall. Just smile cause I feel like doing so all the time.
Of course I have a lot of fun here as well! I think I have invented my own italian dictionary and I am constantly teaching the proper polish to my friends here (at this point I hope none of them is planning to use it in Poland though😨). On the streets everyone (literally every tourist) will ask me about the way or how to buy a train ticket and I will try to explain using any language I know or if I see it doesn’t work then giving up with simple ‘scusi, non parlo italiano’ and apologetic face (I actually feel really bad that I am not as fluent as I was with my English in the UK at the start). It feels sometimes embarassing, that I came to the country and I can’t fully communicate in the mother tongue, but this is another story and I am working on it hard πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

To finish with #mychecklist

1. Flat βœ”

2. Bank account (my nightmare in the UK)Β βœ”

3. Residency – half-way βœ”

4. Italian language – only my personal one mastered the rest is being a bit of a failure till now ….

5. Pizza βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”

6. Americano – new coctail introduced to me that became my numero uno βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”


So my recent favourite quote (no wonder I loved McDonald’s!):

P.S. second day with no electricty or gas… weirdly enough, I kind of liked it…

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