the lucky vibe

My Mum has always been winning a lot of competitions. Not only in some magazines, or local quizzes, but she’s been few times on tv shows, won some projects – long story short – she’s been always very creative and this has been rewarded (money, holidays, car, cosmetics etc.). Few years back, there was a reportage filmed based on her luck. It was even called Lucky one. It’s been broadcasted in the national tv channel and since then people always ask her – how have you done it?!

In my Family we have been always believing in the word luck.  I have tattooed it for a reason. I think it has completely different meaning though than for most of you. a dictionary would define it as ‘a purposeless, unpredictable and uncontrollable force that shapes events favourably or unfavourably for an individual, group or cause’. So how my definition is different? I do believe that you can bring the luck into your life or at least help it a bit! I don’t mean some lucky charms, prayers or other spiritual rituals. There are numerous more rational ‘tools’ that will bring the luck to you and you won’t have to keep your fingers crossed before making any decision.


Plenty of times in my life, I have heard that I was lucky to achieve this and that. Then I think – seriously? Was I only lucky? It is so easy to say – oh.. you were lucky to get this. I don’t have it but apparently you have better aura. People love linking the achievements of others just to some external forces and that you have no control over it. Well, we do have control. Quite strong one. How come? Let me think… I guess it is called hard work. I know that we like to believe that all good things come from heaven and are given on the silver plate just in front of us. Unfortunately – sorry to break this myth for you – it is not. People who spend most of their lives in front of TV may only get lucky in gaining more fat and  be completely brainwashed. Would we call this luck? No. Anything that comes in our lives is triggered by our actions. Easy example brought up at the beginning of this post. My Mum. she has been reading a lot, studying languages, expanding knowledge on her hobbies, stimulating creative thinking, opening for new cultures… thanks to that she had courage to try her skills in many competitions. As she has always been very confident she got into and then based on her knowledge she won many times. Many winning projects, that she has made were of the price of uncountable sleepless nights, researches etc. etc. …

Ok, but as some of you might know me – I am not complete realist. I stomp hard on the ground, but I also see some external factors, again that are simply results of our actions or who knows… maybe there is some divine force behind it? (can’t believe I wrote it actually!). Very important word – Karma. What is it? Simply – what comes around goes back around – look one of my previous posts. You helped somebody – you will get some help in the future. You hurt someone – you’ll get hurt. As simple as that. I hope this is not the only reason why people help each other – to get something back, but it should be a good motivation to start with. Putting others first is a great magnet for your own success.

Also, I didn’t put the image of clover for no reason on this post. I already rejected the idea of lucky charms, so why this small plant? I think this is some kind of metaphor. What is as unusual as four leaf clover, but also so desired and could bring a lot of positivity into your life? For me it is Friend. I think this is a big personalization of luck for me. To share good and bad moments, successes or failures, to cry from laughter and sadness. So maybe also for you the famous clover is only the metaphor of something different?

What would you say about positive thinking? Could this also be the magnet for your good luck? Yes! Yes! and Yes! When you focus on positive things, you always bring them to yourself. As I wrote before, positivity, smile, good attitude are the elements that work like magnets for good things. Again – something you have control over. So use it! New opportunities – go for them! You won’t get lucky unless you actually try to experience new things. How many times I have heard ‘look, what you have achieved! I would have never done that?’ why? Maybe because you haven’t tried? 😉

I will keep on stimulating my luck. What does it mean for me? Surrounding by positive people and friends, focusing on my own dreams, looking out for new adventures, not closing myself for new experiences and last but not least to focus on supporting others – let’s make sure to make friends with Karma. Will it work? For now I can surely say – I took over one feature after my Grandparents and Parents – good luck.


One thought on “the lucky vibe

  1. Well…You get what You give…
    Luck or not I will always remember what Albert Schweitzer said: “happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it.” Amen! 😉

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