the real relationship – food

Cooking – one of my biggest passions. I can waste the whole night on watching Masterchef, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen. I know Ultimate Cookery Course by Gordon Ramsey by heart and I would marry him if I could (I mean it!). Dinner Date, Come Dine with Me – both in Poland and the UK. It’s just my love. One year, I was actually talking about cooking so much, that I got for my birthday and Xmas (both in Dec.) 7 culinary books!! The only problem is that this particular love became a bit toxic and my love to food gave my some small gift… additional kilograms! Not that it’s bad, but for me towards the end of the year, it became a nightmare. In November I just looked in the mirror and cried. That was it. I saw my ‘new’ size. Looked in the mirror and said ‘THE END’! The End with excuses! Yes, people telling me I look alright – I don’t. Not for myself. And my relationship with food needs to come to an end or at least we need to work on it.. maybe some therapy?

At that moment I was trying to change my diet habits with bigger or smaller success. It seems to succeeded from January, as I finally realized, that all the diets that I was planning to try actually don’t work for me. I was just losing my motivation after a week. Why? Because when I told myself that I will choose only healthy products I just realize that this doesn’t seem to exist for ‘average’ people. Let’s face it – I am not planning on spending half of my salary on food.

Let’s imagine you go to groceries. You are looking for low calories, organic (or closest to organic) product with low carb, ideally gluten free and low amount of fat, sugar and kcal (quite a lot of ‘musts’!). You are looking at labels and the amount of ‘E…’ just puts you off. In the end you end up with broccoli, carrots and apples – which, by the way, are not much healthier themselves, unless bought from the farmer directly (I suppose). I come back home and while trying to make something more or less edible and maybe not super boring… I end up with soup, ‘leczo’ or some salad. How exciting..

So next idea I had was to look at the kcal I am eating on a daily basis. I had an app. First 3 days I was putting everything there very appropriately. Then what, I didn’t have time… stupid small excuses. I struggled. I struggled a lot… and my scales was not showing any improvements!! At the beginning of this year, it was now or never! I have decided to go on a diet with no plan. To eat regularly, replace all the crap I was putting in my body, be more careful with choosing ingredients, replace junk food with healthy version and… learn to say no. Say no to going out for dinner, say no to takeaway, say no to any temptation. Finally it worked. Those are early days, as just 5/6 weeks, however, the results are there – in the end 5kg down is a huge achievement for me.

The only problem now is, that my diet has become a bit boring, and my body is looking for some replacements and more interesting options… So plan for the next weeks is to focus on some experiments with cooking! Challenge accepted! I will keep you updated!! It’s also part of my plan to stick to the diet… the more supporting people, the better! I won’t give up!

And no, I don’t plan to be another person to tell you how to eat. I am not specialist myself! I just want to share one of my biggest passions with my friends. Also to prove that in order to lose weight you don’t have to drink water and eat a slice of lettuce per day. In the end… yes, I am in relationship with food – but this time more mature one!



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