the healthy approach – #hntgaf

Most of us has a favorite sentence, that we keep on repeating in our head as a mantra in order to help us with the everyday struggle. For some it will be ‘make sure to treat every day as if it was supposed to be the best day of your life’ for the others ‘today I refuse to stress myself about the things I have no control over’ and what is my ‘mantra’? ‘I don’t give a f*ck’. Obviously not in every aspect of the day and of my life, but let me show you something… basically how not to give a f*ck about things you have no control over or you do have it, but… it is just irrelevant and creates unnecessary stress and anxiety in your life.

Before I start though, it’s worth to mention when to #gaf. It is important to be able to recognize it. We don’t want to become emotionless robots! I mean, I don’t want to… for you – your choice, but I wouldn’t recommend it 😉 Coming back to my main thought – when do you #gaf? First, and most important!, thing – things that make you happy! Feeling of happiness, fulfillment, relax and strength. Those are things you should focus on and give plenty of f*cks! It doesn’t matter if it’s about passions, work or people around. If it makes you smile – grab it and keep it! You need to remember though, that the amount of f*cks you have is quite… limited. The main rule with this mantra is to be able to recognize when we should care and when to… stop. If something makes you think too much that it leads you to anxiety, stress… because of overthinking… then really? Should you care? I believe the answer is simple. Let’s face it the amount of f*cks we have to give (just because!) is already quite high – don’t make it more difficult for yourself! Simple calculation – is it worth your time and energy, or not?

If the result of your analysis (not longer than 3 sec!) is no, then please proceed as follows:

  • stop thinking what other people think or say – do you really #gaf? In the end, aren’t you the one coping with yourself? care about what they feel and respect their opinions, but don’t care if they like your approach if it only affects you.
  • if you want to say no, just say NO. Nothing to add.
  • you worry about something that will happen either way and you have no control over – #dgaf. You won’t change anything. Just brace yourself!
  • people have some expectations towards yourself, that not necessarily go in line with what you want? Just tell them off. Your life – your decisions.

Please note one thing though – all of the above are based on the fact that they only affect yourself. Please don’t turn into a mean girl or an asshole and go into the extreme! The balance must remain!!

So let me show you my small list of things I do give a f*ck and then a list where I honestly, couldn’t care less.

Give a f*ck list as of today (things and causes only)

  • good book – my best friend
  • booking flight tickets – ryanair website is blocked by me
  • personal growth – yep, studying every night is nothing weird to me
  • animal rights – never stop caring
  • going out – hate staying at home
  • work – simply cause I love it
  • pepsi – why? because I am an addict on detox…
  • the way I look – yes, lot’s of worry, but feeling good with myself, I guess makes me happy (one day!)

Not giving a f*ck for today (only affecting myself)

  • influential negative people – just hate it. REALLY HATE IT.
  • changing other people’s minds – this is my opinion, you think differently – that’s cool!
  • making stupid mistakes (including making fool of myself) – we will always keep on doing those, so let’s get over it and laugh at yourself
  • Passwords – at least once a week, I need to change the password to most of my e-mail accounts. I just… don’t care.
  • facebook drama – press unfollow.

Am I a happy person? Yes. Am I an ass? I hope not. I care about people, but I think about myself as well. Sometimes being selfish is just healthy. In the end, we need to take care of ourselves and measure the amount of f*cks given wisely. This approach (which I have ‘acquired’ just few years back, made me so much calm, careless, happy and… grateful for what I have. I don’t care what others think and the time some people spend on wondering what to change in order to make other happy and pleased with myself, I go out, travel, study and take the best from my life! I am almost never stressed, under pressure – hell yeah!, but pressure is something I love.

It is worth to mention that this approach actually brings people closer to myself than to put them off. Why? Not sure, maybe because I am fully transparent and if I care, I really listen, but if I feel like something is irrelevant, I will say it straightaway as well. Maybe it’s a culture, or maybe just me – but I guess I am just very honest and direct to bits. I love when people tell me the worst truth and I do same back.

and yes.. this post was inspired by my friends 🙂

so let’s not give a f*ck!




One thought on “the healthy approach – #hntgaf

  1. I love this so much! You drew me in from the very beginning. I found it really well written, interesting and useful. And your positivity is contagious! Thanks for this great post. Keep it up! LIsten to “Your Direction” by Justin beiber and Selene Gomez 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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