the strings

From the youngest times we attach ourselves to something. We start with a Teddy Bear as a toddler and then we just add up to the list other material or non-material things like phone, favorite book, best friends, favorite places, movies, favorite brands and some daily habits like watching tv with a dinner or sitting at the laptop all evening. I didn’t enumerate family for a reason. Family is not the attachment, but in most cases it is simply part of us and here the strings shouldn’t be broken easily if at all.

Have I ever thought what are my ‘attachments’? Possibly not. I must admit, I can’t imagine my life without phone, laptop and/or my books. But I mostly use it for my personal issues like texting my parents and friends, going through some news and looking for some important updates for me. I don’t Skype – I honestly hate it! I also don’t call too much, I am much more of a texting person. It’s easier, faster and doesn’t allow uncomfortable silence (one of my biggest fears!). Am I attached to people or places? Yes and no. Yes – I love some particular places, especially the place where I was born. Yes – I get used to my favorite spots and love coming back to the same cozy restaurant at the corner. Yes – I love my Family and Friends to bits, but they wouldn’t follow me blindly everywhere and I wouldn’t do the same either for them. So why I am still so far away? Because there is also a big No with me getting used to things. I believe we shouldn’t depend our lives on surroundings. The most important is feeling good with ourselves and then nothing else can ruin this. Yes, we will miss our closest but then.. we can visit them at any point or text every 5 min – we are in the 21st Century in the end and there are almost no limitations. For the places – world is big. It would be such a waste to spend your whole life – which hopefully would be long and happy! – in one place that you know by heart after few months.

With things I might be quite pragmatic… career I have now – can be gone in next few years, house where I live is not even mine, the youth, the body we have now – it doesn’t last forever. So why would I bother? Unfortunately, with my career I do bother. This might not allow me to move as much and to experience as much, but still… keeps me very happy and focused. On the other hand, I know it may sound crazy or just easy to say, but as few years back I wouldn’t leave my house without my favorite bracelet, then today, I am just more careless. Focusing on here and now and just looking forward to the future. I accepted losing certain things, I don’t feel that much pain anymore or being depressed is not my thing. Well… we just need to learn the lesson and keep on moving forward. In the end … how many times have we heard about billionaires committing suicides? The need of having more and more just drove them to madness and made them being less attached to… themselves than to things around them.

I would lie though if I said I am not attached to anything now – my ideas is the thing. It’s the blessing and the nightmare. If I stuck something in my head, it takes ages to take it out from there. Usually plenty of people telling me how wrong I am will not help. I need to realize things on my own and then just… let go. It happens in my personal life all the time, but takes a lot of energy and even more sleepless nights.

What about love though? Hard topic, and I am definitely far from being specialist myself – but is this something that becomes attachment? Do we depend ourselves on the feeling itself or in the end is it all about people? Here I have no idea… If I get to know, I will share my thoughts but again… what’s the most beautiful in this world is that we are all different…

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