the goal or the dream

‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.’ Woody Allen.

I am not a fan of Woody Allen, but this sentence is one of the ‘truest’ truths! How many times I had something planned, thought through, almost ideal concept and then… just before finalizing it suddenly something, someone, disease, some event will happen and then the whole plan is just ruined. I think you know what I mean.

That’s the reason why I use the word ‘dream’ instead of ‘plan’. Plan requires realization. If it doesn’t work out, the disappointment can be painful. Dream will come true or not. Am I making my life easier? So what. Until now this tactics works out well! When I have some resolution (read: dream) I start to work towards it. Here the effect may differ. ‘A flash in the pan’ is not a stranger to me! Which one of us though hasn’t assumed that in the New Year that you will so this, and that, and even THAT! Then it just disappeared – as if this ‘plan’ never existed. Well ok.. there’s one person, my Mum – but she’s the best organized person I’ve ever met (I guess she has OCD) – so despite her I don’t know anyone, so she doesn’t count! 😉

Crap.. it means you can though. Ok! So those are my dreams for this year:

  1. I won’t tell…
  2. …I won’t tell…
  3. …I won’t tell

Don’t want to jinx it! It is easier to working towards realizing them than to tell everyone about them. If they come true, trust me – I will be the first one to share it! For the time being I will keep it to myself, let’s make sure I am not a …. 😀


Of course that wouldn’t stop me from elaborating on the goals and dreams a bit more. Have you ever wondered why the New Year’s Resolutions are always the ones that last the shortest? Is it the matter of planning, the rush, the pressure of the surrounding or we just set the goal because this is what we are expected to do, but… not necessarily want to achieve – at least not now? How do you start organizing in order to make your dream come true and what’s your plan to start with?

I personally believe that the most common mistake we do while setting New Year’s Resolution is as rush. We tend not to think thoroughly what we want to achieve or we perfectly know the goal, but we haven’t thought that maybe losing 15kg within 2 months is rather impossible – unless you can afford liposuction and you don’t mind being in pain for the next few months (OMG!) or becoming a CEO in the big corporation may take a bit more than 6 months (we all wish it was that easy!). I always try to think what is possible to be achieved or what I really need at this stage of my life in order to be able to proceed. This year – I can share one element – I need another change. I usually go through missing puzzles in my life and just try to find them and put them all together in order to create a full picture. As long as I don’t dream too big, it usually works out well.

When I handle job interviews, there is usually this question about your 5 year long plan. I hate this one. How can you plan and organize your life 5 years ahead? You can’t. Especially when it comes to young people that are at the very beginning stage of the career. I used to have this plan and after 6 months it has changed completely, since then I can honestly say – I don’t have a 5 year long plan, so please don’t ask me this question 😉 I only look at this year and simply think how I would like to be. Write down 10 words that would describe your ‘future you’ this year and treat them like a mantra. Just make them stuck in your head! Put them on the mirror or repeat daily once you wake up. Few of my words this year – freedom, independency, joy, growth, challenge and change. Make sure that on 31st Dec. 2017 you will be able to say my year was… and put your adjectives here! If you are able to enumerate all of them, then make sure to celebrate properly your success!

From more scientific point of view it is said that each goal should be distinguished into few smaller parts that are supporting each other and altogether will lead us to our dream.

Let’s go back to the example with losing weight. One can say – I want to lose 15 kg this year and believe it or not – it is possible to achieve, but… think smart and set up the whole process in a structured way. First of all you need to set the performance goals for the whole year, that will be supporting the main dream, so let’s say by 30th June you will lose 10kg as it is always easier at the start and then remaining 5 kg by end of November. What’s your schedule to achieve this? Trainings 3 time a week, well-balanced diet etc. Share your plan with others! There’s nothing more motivating than feeling embarrassed in front of others that you haven’t achieved something that was all within your own control and you have everything well organized. Sounds harsh? Sometimes we have to be hard on ourselves though – otherwise we would stuck in the same place forever! You can use this scheme for everything – getting promotion at work, finishing some certificates or some self-development goals – I can confirm from my own experience.

I could enumerate on and on such examples, but we need to remember that our dreams can be affected by various factors like our motivation and any other obstacles that could come on our way. I will focus on those another time as this is another pretty long topic.

For today I just leave you with your 10 words for this year.

Ahh.. whatever…I will share my list below (and let’s just hope it won’t jinx it!) to motivate myself even more – the first word is with me forever and I wouldn’t change it with anything else in so many areas in my personal and work life.



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