the happy vibe

I am insomniac. I work, come back home, read, listen to music, go for language courses, meet up with friends, go to the cinema, go to the pub… no place or time to sleep! It’s been always like that – studying three faculties and working didn’t help in the past either. I know, I know.. it’s not healthy, and as my coach at one of the courses I took said that I am in ‘heart attack risk group’, but at least I have plenty of time to focus on all of my passions! Life’s too short to sleep.

Mark Twain wrote ‘Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.’ It seems I lead ideal life! Of course, there are always ups and downs, but the most important is just to go ahead and defeat any obstacles.

I think my main obstacle is missing my Friends. My decision about leaving my country was rapid. I sent out CVs end of August and in the middle of Sept. I had a contract in my hand. Three weeks after my suitcase was packed and… let’s go on an adventure that lasts until now! It was chaos, pressure to have everything organized, stress due to lack of place to live in the UK, no friends there – help! I think some of my friends in my hometown were shocked about my decisions. Few that know me best, just shrug their shoulders and said ‘we knew you will do it!’. Since then they have always been with me. As they say – ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.. ‘until we party till the end’ ;).


*Ewa, myself and Asia in Liverpool this year – waiting to see you in the UK soon again!

When I look back when we met (10 years), I can see how much we have changed, but we still share all of our experiences, thoughts and ideas. We travel together and dream together. Supporting ourselves is big part of our relation and we always motivate each other to reach our goals. We have changed, but somewhere inside there is still this Ewa, Asia and Klaudia from silly High School (Musical!) times and when we’re together I feel like 16 again! When something important happens in our life my first reaction will be to text them in our whatsapp group (Happy T(h)ree Friends – we are similar in terms of being crazy, but less destructive and violent 😉 ). We have our own world, our full-length movie. The main theme in this movie – commitment, trust, compromise and lots of fun!

You need to remember that in order to have such amazing Friends you need to give something from your side. I hate when people complain that they have no one to talk to or to go out with, when they actually don’t try themselves to support and take care of others. Nothing comes just like that in our lives. We need to make first step and put a lot of efforts! Do you want your Ewa and Asia in your movie? Start with yourself and show how to be a good friend – I know you are!

Supporter, listener, common sense, honesty, craziness – best qualities of friends and they have it all. I hope they see me the same – if not, please girls scream! 😉


Good books – every year I set myself a goal to read a particular amount of books. This year it was 50. I almost didn’t make it! But in the end in Nov. I read my 50th book and actually exceeded my goal later. I choose my books carefully and depending on my mood, I can read anything from silly romantic books, through biographies, thrillers, criminals and my personal favorites… books about mafia and gangsters (all based on true story). Sometimes I imagine myself in the prohibition times in New York. The style, the people, culture, Jazz – I can see it and hear in my eyes of imagination now… and Hudson River must have had really nice taste those days! As history has it… they wanted to decrease the crime and what did they do? Allow the corruption, illegal activities and gangsters to spread their wings! I’ve been always fascinated by those stories. All so religious – as Al Capone said, he was praying for a new bicycle, but then he realized God doesn’t work that way, so he stole one and asked for forgiveness! Clever, isn’t it? 😉 And the role of Italian Mamma – that’s another story!


*photo above – book by Martyna Wojciechowska ‘Kobieta na krancu swiata’ (Woman on the edge of the world) – recommendation for my Polish friends and a gift from my Polish friends – thank you!

Recently I have also read a book ‘The Art of Happiness’ by Dalai Lama. Normally that wouldn’t be particularly my choice of book, but the title intrigued me. I never perceived happiness as the art, as something that is controlled purely by us. This book changed my perception and made me ‘work on my happiness’ every day. In the book author says that happiness is intrinsic and comes from ourselves. We cannot gain it from others, but also we can’t get it under any circumstances. Sleepy conscience! We don’t get it from material things and money has nothing to do with it. In the world full of pessimists, people who are rushing with life, rat race – we simply forget about what makes us happy and what is important in our lives. If you feel good with yourself, with your surrounding, then you will achieve more and will be able to support others and… share, spread your happiness!

So how to be happier then or how do I understand being happy?

  • keep in touch with your Friends and Family!
    I have read that most of regrets of dying (sounds strong I know!) is lack of contact or too small contact with closest people. You don’t want that, so take your phone now and call your Friends – I bet she/he’s dying to hear about your super exciting day!
  • just move and go outside!
    Don’t sit all day in front of the tv or lying on the sofa. Just go out – to the mountains, for a trip or just to the closest park to read at the bench or observe what’s going on around. Clear your mind and don’t close yourself in your ‘four corners’. Today even I went to the gym and honestly – I hate trainings, but I made myself to do that and it’s been great! Some of my energy has been ‘offloaded’! (Shall we change our Sunday coffee to the Sunday gym?)
  • do not compare yourself with others!
    ’cause nothing compares… nothing compares to You!’
    You are who you are – and you are amazing! It’s high time to understand it.. and so what that she looks like model, you have great passions and that is way more important for people! Each of us has something special to offer. Just find it within yourself.
    I read recently that we tend to compare ‘worst’ parts of ourselves with the best ASSUMPTIONS we have about others. This is completely subjective and makes you focus on things you have no power over. You control one life – yours and just keep it this way; put your priority there!
    Get your grid together and believe in yourself – you are special (in a good way!)
  • focus on your passions!
    Do what you like to do – that doesn’t mean you have to be good at it, but as long as it makes you happy – go for it! I love cooking, reading and travelling and maybe… mafia – but I promise nothing to be worried about with me (I suppose) – I do it as much as possible and except for the first one, I can’t hurt too many people with those! 😉
  • get used to… being happy!
    In our nature there’s always this element of complaining. Because the weather is not good, we have too much work or the sun shines too bright. Ridiculous, can you see it now?!
    Weather – you can do something fun indoor – go to some nice place with friends, gym, read a book or start some interesting courses!
    Work – take it as a challenge and be ambitious! Prove yourself you can do it.
    Seriously.. too much sun. This statement is incorrect on so many levels…
    Find a positive trait in every moment and focus on it. Just let yourself to be happy. Don’t complain, don’t exaggerate. Just see things as they are and accept them – unless you can change them!
  • make yourself happy by helping others!
    Don’t be selfish! Give a hand to this Granny on the street, give some change to that homeless you see every day around the corner, bring some dog food to kennels or do some shopping for the family nearby that might not have a warm dish today. Seeing smiling faces caused by the small things you do – you can’t describe the feeling. You support others but at the same time make yourself feel better – kill two birds with one stone!
  • last but not least – you are the one responsible for your happiness!
    So don’t blame anyone/anything around for failures, but accept those and move forward! Now!
    People won’t judge you on million times you fail but on the times when you actually stood up (Jo Malone).

    Ready to be happy every day? If you need some positive energy let me know, I could share mine with the whole army! 😉

    p.s. time for summary of 2016 will come at some point, but in a nutshell I am not the one complaining how bad this year was for me. It was actually pretty amazing! New adventures, few new countries visited, new challenges at work and most importantly I have met a lot of meaningful people that I took my energy from. It doesn’t matter if I don’t see them again, but the most important are the lessons I have learnt. They remain in my memory forever.
    I can say – I am happy!

    So Thank You Everyone and Have a Good Year – I hope mine will be at least as good as 2016.

    Now time to get ready – this year for a change I am finishing calm and on my own – mulled wine, good book (‘Shantaram’ G. D. Roberts – btw gift from my ‘Happy Two Friends’) and then movie night with Scorsese. I need to relax from time to time as well (although I tend not to accept that 😉 )
    Have a good night!

*on the top photo you can see my Granny smiling. He is one of the people who made me who I am today – we miss You…

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