the maturity to travel

‘To travel is to live’ Hans Christian Andersen

It is not just a quote. This is the essence of my life. I have heard this for the first time from my Mum – she has it engraved on her medallion (now I have it engraved a bit more permanent). To understand its meaning you have to be mature. Emotionally, with age… To get matured you have to… travel. Vicious circle? Following this train of thought you could have said that everything we do is the vicious circle. A bit yes, but it depends on us if we are able and try to stop it. Also.. to travel you have to have funds. To earn you need to work. In the end, in order to feel a bit of satisfaction, joy of travelling you have to get tired! So… vicious circle? I call it life.

My stops are travels. Sometimes with some company, sometimes on my own. On my own though doesn’t mean alone – significant difference! Along the way I meet so many great people, that it is actually quite difficult to find a minute for myself – you almost need to ‘fight’ for it! When I finally have this moment for myself, I spend it in various ways.

I put my thoughts into respective drawers, I make plans, observe people, dream about next trip, but I also like to have fun, get crazy, and try local spirits 😉 I can sit for hours on a bench with a book or just to look at people. But there is also something that is remarkably comforting for me and makes me feel blissful – the sound of sea!


There’s a catchphrase – ‘travels broaden the mind’. God, so true! I don’t mean here sitting by the hotel’s swimming pool, although those moments can be nice as well (not too long though). I mean spending time with locals, whoever and wherever ‘local’ is. They are amazing! Deriving the positive emotions, energy, smile and the ability to grab the moment – priceless. Getting to know new cultures, trying their food… but be careful here, stomach problems can destroy any joy 😉

I remember the single landscape, single face, gesture, word – they stuck in my head forever. They are like pictures from the movie. They pop up in different moments of our lives.

I bet all of you had it and is there anything crazier and fun than while watching tv you realize… you’ve been there?! There’s not! In those moments my mind starts to play its own movie. We are also fully responsible for the fact if our memories are pleasant or… a bit less. First rule – stay away from always unhappy, picking up holes malcontents. I can handle intrusive ones as well now. Just be assertive. Of course, sometimes it can get less … nice… but I delete those moments straightaway. Those scenes are not in my movie.


There are places I come back to, or want to come back in the nearest future, like Benelux (for beautiful cities!), Italy (for wonderful people!) or Spain (delicious food!). Just like my Mum, she loves Spain. Her favorite place is Alicante (the photo above is from there 🙂 ). The most beloved moment there for us is when all elderly people go to the city after 10 p.m. Very elegant, in groups or on their own, they take the chair and sit on the promenade. Those groups always mingle and their ‘squad’ always changes. There are plenty of dogs around – very often also quite… ‘age-ish’ 😉 People play chess, cards – they argue like children! Women with red lipstick, men with perfectly ironed shirts. Every time we look at them we get very emotional. Actually, may sound weird, but I get most of my energy from them! I respect elderly people a lot, although they say that this is the only thing that god didn’t do well… agreed.

Travels teach me to be open-minded, easy-going. A lot of tolerance. Those are features that you won’t learn from the book. One who only spends time at the mentioned hotel’s swimming pool won’t understand. You could see aggression and drinking at best there… Happens. Although – not that I complain – you need to get fun as well!

To underline – I am definitely not a traveler. I would say, I am, as much as I can. As much as possible. The more you have, the more you want though! But when I do go for a trip, I do it completely, fully, 100%! I don’t think about work, home, any problems. I focus what’s there and now. Try everything! Take it all from the place and get the whole energy from there to charge batteries for the time I am back. Funny enough, in this whole craziness and fast pace, I always slow down emotionally/mentally and distance myself from the normal world and go into this magical one.

Thinking about my age (just turned 26), I must say I have seen and done a bit already. I am far from my Parents, but on the good track. I don’t bite more I can chew. When I look at their photos, when they swim with dolphins, dance with Masais in the village in Kenya, standing at the Grand Canyon (and the chopper there – a must!), partying in Vegas, I am so happy for them and I believe that everything is in front of me. Some features are like DNA given by your Parents. In the end you can say those are only genes, but there must be something there. My Parents – when they work, they work hard; when they travel, then they fall into that completely; they get crazy without borders!

This ‘gene’ is stuck deeply inside of me and I will make sure to nurture it.



On the photo at the top of the post there are few important things:

  • ‘Traveler’ magazines – I may keep them forever. I started subscribing them after getting my first salary in my first proper work at Fiat 4 years back. Still getting back to them and plan next trips! It also reminds me about every single bonus spent on flight tickets! 😉
  • Tag for the suitcase I got this Xmas from my Friend – you know me so well!
  • Camera bought from first savings in the UK before my trip to Morocco – loved the place!

I am still focusing on Europe though- next step Italy, I am there so often and have seen so little.

Time to catch up!

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