the change

With no false modesty. I am good at what I do. That’s it. Not popular attitude among Polish people. Popular though among Americans, although some of them should not say those words out loud. That’s good though that they have such a high self-belief. Why should you kick your butt yourself – kicks from others are already enough.

But not about it… I have met new people. I like people, I like crowds, full promenades, beaches, cafes. Wild beaches in the middle of nowhere are not for me. Well ok, from time to time as well, but I like people. Looking at them, listening, observe. Forrest said, that most of people doesn’t seem dumb until they open their mouth – there might be something about it.

In England I was on my own. Not for long though! The international mixture I have met in the new company was incredible! That was exactly what I like most. I felt from the start, that I belong to it and I finally found the place, where I’d like to play a part. So it’s high time to start writing a screenplay!936690_902143943158586_604886251267094479_n

I assumed that I will try to find something positive in anyone, and… that wasn’t difficult at all. Of course time verifies all friendships, however, for the start, this attitude helped me out a lot. From the time perspective (over 2 years now) that was a good strategy. Com15725472_1359370834102559_831260120_omon truth as well, that always works out – the power of smile. Thankfully I did not need to stretch myself in this area, as I am quite happy and out-going person by nature.


Motivation is the word derived from the ’motive’ which means needs, desires, wants or drives within the individuals. It is the process of stimulating people to actions to accomplish the goals. The encyclopedic meaning of motivation. My motivation is my ambition. I left to prove the world and most importantly to myself… what? Well what..? Nothing! This is the travel for adventure, new experiences. Let’s also face it and not be insincere – broader possibilities. If you can do what you love, earn money that allow you to fulfill your dreams (read – travelling 😉 ) – then what else do you need?
This is my private definition of motivation.

to finish 5 small things to help change your life!

  1. don’t look back!
    You can’t focus on things you wanted to do to or the ones that you regret doing (my life motto – No Regrets!). Focus on where you are and what you’d like to achieve. Set up goals for now and make a plan how to make it come true! Don’t let your past hold you back!
  2. live the moment & step outside your comfort zone!
    If you want to do something – try it! Don’t have second thoughts, you don’t want to think in the future, what if… We tend to focus too much on the goals and how our present affects our future, but we forget that we can be happy here and know. Open yourself for new experiences. Challenge yourself every day with new sensations! Keep the momentum!
  3. smile, smile and… smile!
    Once I was told (no idea if that’s true!) that in States students are taught to wake up in the morning and smile for 15 sec to the mirror. They say that it makes their day more positive but also they are getting used to smile to others during the day. I started doing that and … it works! Even while having the worst day ever (yes.. we always say that), I find someone to smile to or something to laugh at – nothing gives you more energy than a happy face looking at you, so share your energy with others!
  4. love yourself
    What a cliché! however, it works – the better you feel with yourself, the more you accept yourself, the happier you are. You can’t change unless you feel confident about it and yourself. Find strength and accept yourself the way you are. We only have one life – don’t waste it for worrying about 2kgs more or too big nose 😉
  5. find a mentor
    My mentor is my Mum – always strong, confident but at the same 13419140_1090872174311403_6800033911874585715_ntime always full of crazy ideas. She knows how to work hard but also how to party hard! It’s important to have a person to look up to and to get the meaningful lessons from them – I am lucky to find them in my closest surroundings, but will write about it in more details in the future.

    change?! – ready, steady… go!


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