the controlled panic

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…’, as said by Lao Tzu. Easy? Sometimes you have to say something out loud to understand it. And… one day i said this sentence out loud. Almost screamed. Well ok, let’s not exaggerate, but loud enough to let its meaning get a foothold in my head.
That everything was not right, work frustrated, need of change? None of those things! I left, because I wanted. No more and no less. I have always felt that I need to do something, to run somewhere and to make sure nothing passed me by in life. Well, maybe not like a moth to the hot bulb, although sometimes you need to get burnt 😉 Get burnt – don’t confuse with burn!
The need to fully live my life I gained from my Parents. I didn’t even need to look for arguments to convince them to my move. I guess they were even happy – that’s always a free accommodation in some place in the world 😉 As luck would have it, it was surroundings of the Robin Hood’s House, Nottingham.
Following Forrest Gump – ‘you just make your bed real neat and remember to stand up straight and always answer ‘Yes, Sir’. – well I answered that to the challenge.
Everything happened so fast that I don’t even know myself when I was standing with a suitcase in my hand at the airport in the UK. I could have written now: I closed my eyes, the typical smell of dampness hit my nostrils… No way! I was standing and counting to ten in order not to start to panic and cry like a lost kid in the department store. However, I had to get a grip quickly.
New people, new places – everything that is new is exciting. Every move outside house was like a big adventure. Do I exaggerate? One whose life is within five cross-streets will never understand. Mine, I hope, will be happening on at least three continents 😉
So this is how I found myself in the UK…

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