simply solo-travelling

Sometimes being on your own brings the best ideas to you. Very often you start seeing things you haven't noticed before or maybe you even avoided seeing. Of course, there will be times that you will simply get bored, but in the end if you get bored with yourself, then maybe there is something wrong... Continue Reading →

words, words, words

I was back in Poland recently. For a week. Just to hang out with Family and Friends. Walk around my city and visit some places I haven’t been to for a while. I like coming back, because surprisingly, this is the only place where I can actually ‘un-attach’ myself from my current life and look... Continue Reading →

Oops… I did it again

The famous Britney's words are flying in my head in the past weeks. What did I do this time?  I took a bit of a swerve (or as my new friends would have said 'curva' 😉 ) and just took a different path in my life. I got this chance to move to another place... Continue Reading →

missing Poland?

Living in Poland for 23 years. Did I get bored? Probably yes, but... maybe I just got too used to it, that I wanted a new challenge. I don't know myself. I wasn't fed up. I wasn't unhappy. I didn't have to. I just left. For myself. First year - I was at least twice a... Continue Reading →

i follow music

'Without music, life would be a mistake' Friedrich Nietzsche Surprise, surprise - at least for many of you - I used to sing. In a small band,  choir, for fun and I have mastered karaoke. I don't do anymore due to lack of time, maybe I simply gave up as I didn't see any reason... Continue Reading →

get lucky

My Mum has always been winning a lot of competitions. Not only in some magazines, or local quizzes, but she's been few times on tv shows, won some projects - long story short - she's been always very creative and this has been rewarded (money, holidays, car, cosmetics etc.). Few years back, there was a... Continue Reading →

why mafia?

'If there is a will, there is always a way my friend' Ryszard Kukliński I bet most of you might not have heard about Ryszard Kukliński or Iceman - as his wife, Barbara, was describing him there was a 'good Richie' and 'bad Richie'. Family provider. Great Father and Husband. Hard-worker (I bet he was,... Continue Reading →

Ben Franklin Effect

How many times you have felt bad because you needed to ask for help? When you were out of cash, needed help at school or simply needed support in your life? But then have you actually asked for help or you just felt bad about even thinking about it? Why are we scared to ask... Continue Reading →

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