the whole world is a series of miracles, but we are so used to them we call them ordinary things
– H. Ch. Andersen
the idea for a blog kicked off in 2016 to share various experiences and travel inspirations for expats who are avid for new adventures and different perspectives
it was triggered by the constant desire of change and launched by slightly too demanding against herself with too high ambitions – if this even exists – full of contradictions and mind filled with dreams expat from poland currently based in italy and switzerland.
passionate about exploring, mixing up with different cultures, falling for new places and pushing the limits to play with the comfort zone and continuously struggling to balance the interest of life along with the addiction to escaping from the reality.
can’t live without calendar filled with trips to new places, inspiring people, books and… cable cars.
all just shaken, not mixed!
solivagant & weekender

for collaboration, travel itineraries/tips or travelling together drop a message @ or on my fb page (the bottom of the website)

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thoughtless trentino

There was nothing to talk about anymore. The only thing to do was go. Maybe Jack Kerouac’s words are not the first ones when someone would think about me. Normally my logorrhea is widely known and it is rather difficult to imagine myself without talking – yet, there are those moments. Second day of the … Continue reading thoughtless trentino

the trip to the unusual

Unusual nowadays this word has definitely no clear meaning. There are so little things we can call this way as in the millennials era we seem to accept, digest and acquire more information or strange situations that our ancestors would not even have thought about. Not to mention to think they could ever happen. I … Continue reading the trip to the unusual

trentino or südtirol part 1: bolzano

Someone has said that Italy is only a geographical expression. After my road trip in Trentino area, I wouldn’t be able to fight those words. Just two weeks after the visit in the South we have decided to discover the North-East of my new homeland. The preparation for this trip was not very long, but … Continue reading trentino or südtirol part 1: bolzano

the road trip buddy

Izaak Walton – and English writer of 17th century. I have read his The Compleat Anger while still being a student, but actually just few weeks back I have reached out to him again. To my surprise one of the quotes was as follows As Italians say: good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. I found … Continue reading the road trip buddy

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